Global research confirms KAL's position as leading independent multivendor software provider

March 17, 2010

A new study indicates that ATM software provider KAL is one of the world's leading independent multivendor ATM software company, according to a company release.

The study, carried out by London-based Retail Banking Research Ltd., included in-depth interviews with 66 financial-services organizations in 39 countries.
Multivendor ATM software, which involves software from one vendor running on hardware from a different vendor, has grown by 67 percent over the last two years — indicating that banks are looking to extend functionality more cost effectively, the RBR study found.
"This is good news for KAL. The key point in this research is the global adoption of a multivendor approach to running the ATM network," KAL CEO Aravinda Korala said. "We are confident that this trend will continue and will positively impact KAL's market share going forward."
The study found that KAL is one of the top three vendors in the multivendor ATM software market, with 21 percent of the ATM multivendor software share. Other companies listed in the research account for 7 percent or less of the total market.
KAL also says it is the only company among leading ATM software competitors to focus solely on ATM software. 

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