French consumers prefer fingerprints to NFC

Feb. 2, 2012

A Wincor Nixdorf survey has found that French consumers would rather use their fingerprint than a mobile phone to identify themselves when making a payment, according to an article on

In the survey, 69 percent of 1,008 respondents said they were either very or quite favorable to replacing PIN codes with fingerprint biometrics at the POS. On the other hand, only 36 percent were very or quite favorable to using an NFC phone to make a purchase.

Only 6 percent of survey participants said they were definitely ready to change their mobile phone to one that allowed them to make NFC payments. Twenty-two percent said they probably would change their phone for an NFC device, but 31 percent said they definitely would not and 41 percent said they probably would not.

These findings indicate that French consumers are less willing to adopt NFC payments than they were a year ago, when 8 percent strongly favored the idea (compared to 6 percent this year), and 19 percent were strongly opposed (compared to 25 percent this year).

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