Diebold pilots video ATM services at Missoula credit union

Oct. 25, 2012

ATMs are often blamed for eliminating face-to-face banking relationships, but Diebold Inc. is finding a way to use the ATM to bring that interaction back, at least virtually. The company is introducing Diebold Concierge Video Services, a solution that uses video technology at the ATM to connect customers to representatives at call centers in real-time. Call center personnel are then able to remotely handle more complex transactions that might not normally lend themselves to self-service channels.

Missoula FederalCredit Union, a financial institution in Missoula, Mont., is currently piloting the solution.

"Real-time video enhances the ATM experience for both consumers and financial institutions," said Mychal D. Kempt, VP of North American sales and service operations for Diebold, in a statement. "Combined with Diebold's advanced one-to-one marketing software, video enables face-to-face interactions tailored to each consumer. Such personal connections were previously available through limited banking channels."

The face-to-face video interactions at MFCU's ATMs is actually a partnership between Diebold and CO-OP Financial Services, a provider of access and convenience services for credit unions. For the pilot, Diebold provides member identification and video services to support video capabilities while CO-OP Financial Services provides the terminal driving capability and network access.

"Access to video support from the ATM provides greater personalized service and convenience," said Stan Hollen, CO-OP Financial Services president and CEO. "This is a part of the multi-pronged approach we are taking to teller automation, which includes the CO-OP NextGen ATM, developed in partnership with Diebold, to bring shared branching and greater self-service capabilities to ATMs."

Diebold said its Concierge Video Services lets FIs transform the self-service ATM channel in three ways: enhanced consumer service, expanded access to financial services experts and advanced targeted marketing efforts.

Diebold Concierge Video Services can be implemented directly into any Diebold Opteva ATM, the company said. MFCU, which uses the Opteva ATM, was able to pilot the service without making extensive hardware upgrades.

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