Customers ATM and KAL ATM Software sign a partnership agreement

May 3, 2011

Customers ATM has partnered with KAL ATM Software to manage ATMs for Customers' bank clients in Australia.

"So far we have already deployed KAL on the Monimax Series bank-style ATMs that we are rolling out," said Rohan Martin, marketing and corporate affairs manager for Customers ATM, which is based in Melbourne. "We so far have in excess of 60 of these in the field in Australia." Nautilus Hyosung, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, manufactures Monimax ATMs.

KAL's multi-platform software enables banks to run different types of ATM hardware. In addition the software allow banks to provide multi-currency and multi-lingual ATMs.

The partnership agreement, which was signed last year between Customers ATM and KAL, is open-ended.

Edinburgh, Scotland-based KAL recently won the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2011 in the International Trade Category.

"We are pleased to see KAL achieve such high recognition," said Tim Wildash, managing director of Customers ATM. "We chose KAL software because it is extremely flexible and innovative, allowing us and our banking partners to unify various types of hardware onto one software platform."

Customers ATM is the largest independent ATM deployer in Australia. The company operates more than 5,800 ATMs nationwide.

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