Companion Systems, Union Bank launch ATM-surrounds recycling project

Sept. 8, 2009 | by Tracy Kitten
Salt Lake City-based Companion Systems, a provider of ATM surrounds, enclosures and kiosks, is partnering with Union Bank N.A., for what Companion Systems is calling the largest ATM-surrounds recycling project in the United States.
Over the next few months, Companion Systems plans to remove existing ATM surrounds for Union Bank and then recycle all of the removed materials according to current methods and standards. The project will reportedly include updating and recycling approximately 450 of Union Bank's ATM-surround products in California.
Union Bank has 335 branch offices in California, Washington and Oregon; two international offices; and facilities in six other states.
Union Bank senior vice president Ralph Lindsay says Union Bank required that the ATM-surrounds company it signed with be able to recycle all of the materials:
Companion Systems' ability to effectively recycle the products from our old surrounds was a requirement of the Union Bank bid. Our company has an active recycling program and a serious interest in protecting and preserving the environment. Companion demonstrated an innovative approach that corresponds with our corporate objectives.
All ATM-surround parts and materials can be repurposed into viable commercial and consumer products. Steel, aluminum and plastic parts can be recycled by most waste-recycling facilities. Fiberglass recycling is a relatively new process in which fiberglass can be ground and separated into fine particles. The fiberglass particles can be used to make picnic tables, sea walls, park benches, railroad ties, fencing and bumper stops.

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