Commerce Bank to offer chip-enabled Visa cards

Jan. 22, 2013

Commerce Bank, a $22.2 billion regional bank based in Kansas City, Mo., is offering customers who travel abroad an EMV chip-enabled Visa Signature credit card that is compatible with EMV card terminals that are commonly used outside the U.S.

The card will ensure travelers of greater convenience and safety, said an announcement from Commerce. The chip element in the card contains encrypted data, which is much more difficult to counterfeit than data stored in a magnetic stripe.

"We are excited to offer our customers a product that will make international transactions more convenient and secure." said Carl Bradbury, director of consumer card products at Commerce.

"As the payments industry continues to evolve, Commerce Bank understands the utmost importance of protecting our customers against fraudulent activity. We view the chip-enabled Visa Signature Credit Card as a way for customers to experience greater card acceptance, enhanced security, and overall increased peace of mind while travelling internationally." 

Read more about EMV.

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