Comic Relief uses atmAd for UK fundraiser

Feb. 26, 2013

In collaboration with Nationwide Building Society, YourCash and Bank Machine, atmAd, the third-party ATM media sales division of i-design, is participating in a 10-day campaign supporting the charity Comic Relief.

Together, the organizations will promote Red Nose Day on March 15 — an occasion for Brits to clown around for a good cause. Money raised through Red Nose Day helps people across the U.K. and Africa who are poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged, said an announcement from i-design.

The atmAd campaign will appear on ATMs at high street and commuter venues nationwide, and is expected to engage more than 3.8 million consumers during its run.

The Red Nose Day campaign is an ideal match for atmAd, not only because it reaches viewers while they are thinking about money, but also because it delivers millions of intimate one-to-one engagements in locations at the heart of British communities, i-design said.

"AtmAd is proud to have worked with our ATM network partners to donate ATM advertising space to Comic Relief since our first campaign for them back in 2005," said Jack Vincent, head of business development at i-design. "A follow-up atmAd campaign in the days leading up to the television event on BBC1 on 15th March will see a creative change to remind people to tune in and donate on Red Nose Day."

Genny Assersohn, marketing manager at Comic Relief, said her organization had benefited from great synergy created by the ATM effort. 

"(T)he fact (that) we can get forty seconds of one-to-one dwell time to drive our campaign message, 'Do Something Funny for Money,' across a wide variety of locations provides us with a unique and engaging platform to really raise awareness of Red Nose Day and (get) the public involved in fundraising," she said. "Especially key is the physical receipt call to action which provides consumers with a reminder for later in the day when they are able to get online and sign up to receive a free fundraising kit."

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