Bulgarian, Italian police arrest four dozen ATM skimming gang suspects

Dec. 28, 2012

Police successfully took down an international skimming and credit card counterfeiting gang earlier this month, nabbing 48 of approximately 80 suspected members. An operation by Bulgarian and Italian police resulted in the arrest of 41 Bulgarians, six Italians and one Romanian.

According to a report in Business Recorder, authorities in Sofia, Bulgaria, said the ring had been skimming data and PINs at ATMs all over Europe. Gang members used the stolen information to create counterfeit cards that they used at ATMs to steal cash.

The cards were used primarily in Italy, but also showed up in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Spain.

A minister from the Bulgarian government said it was not yet known how much money the gang had stolen.

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Topics: Security , Skimming / Fraud

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