BPC introduces new ATM management solution

Feb. 21, 2013

BPC Banking Technologies, a provider of open system electronic payment solutions, announced a new version of its ATM management solution. BPC's new SmartATM management solution enables operators to reduce ATM operating costs, launch new services and create new revenue streams, the company said.

With its new version of BPC's SmartATM management solution, operators can enhance customer service and deploy revenue-generating services, such as:

  • Sell and issue virtual cards and prepaid cards to customers 
  • Offer fund transfer services via mobile phones and money transfer networks 
  • Enable bank customers to set up recurring payments on their mobile phones 
  • Provide 24x7 customer service with video banking and video tellers from ATMs to call operators 
  • Implement proven ATM technology to ease the migration to EMV

"Half a century after the introduction of ATMs, their core function remains the same — dispensing cash," said Marc Solomon, Managing Director, BPC North America. "BPC aims to change that by leading a new era for ATMs by providing operators with new ways to deliver outstanding 24x7 service, dramatically reduce costs and deploy a wide range of new revenue-generating services."

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