ATMIA publishes 'The Ten Immutable Laws of ATM Security'

Dec. 1, 2011

The ATM Industry Association today announced the publication of a security paper titled "The Ten Immutable Laws of ATM Security," modeled after Microsoft's "Ten Immutable Laws of Information Security" and updated to address current software and security systems threats.

"No software patch by itself will ever protect ATMs from all forms of cyber attack," said Pat Telford, a Microsoft security consultant. "Security is a function of people and processes, in addition to technology. ATM deployers who keep in mind these 'immutable laws' and best practices described in the guide will reinforce the security of their ATM systems."

With a mass migration well advanced in the industry to the more open environment of Windows XP away from proprietary systems, the need to defend against evolving software threats, from malware and Trojans to denial-of-service attacks, has increased.

"ATMIA conducted a global online ATM fraud survey last month, which attracted responses from security and ATM managers in 37 countries, and cyber attacks were rated the third top threat facing the ATM industry," said Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA. "This trend reinforces the need for an updated software security guidebook and the application of these core ten laws."

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