EMV Apocalypse Now

This year's EMV liability shifts will radically change the retail ISO landscape by 2018. How do we know? Because we've seen this movie before, played out in other mature post-EMV markets.

Can multivendor ATM software cut it in an omnichannel banking world?

Omnichannel and multivendor are two bespoke concepts: You can have one without the other. But, some argue, in an evolving digital world, you need both if you want to make unfettered decisions and meet consumer expectations.

From game-changer to game over: CurrentC leaves the field

After four years, millions of dollars invested and one limited pilot test, the mega-retailers behind the much-touted, oft-delayed mobile wallet have more or less called it quits.

Durbin goes after the card networks again; this time over EMV

'EMVCo standards have been technologically inadequate and their implementation has caused chaos in the U.S. market ... ' With these words, the senator from Illinois seems to be saying that he's ready to take on the global card brands once more.

Best-in-Class Anti-Skimming Solution: ECS4-in-1 from ACG!

ACG is proud to offer the premier anti-skimming solution available in the market today. ECS4-in-1 is an award-winning anti-skimming device and the ONLY stand-alone solution with Photo-Sensing Detection Technology.

Giving eyes to your ATMs

As financial institutions direct more traffic — and cash — to ATMs, networked video solutions can help to provide greater security for both terminal and user.

Left to their own devices: The BYOD hazards of digital banking services

A growing catalog of digital financial services delivers the awesomeness of instant access to information — and creates unprecedented opportunities for crooks to steal personal data files and funds.

6 reasons to outsource IT and ATM services

As FIs adapt their physical and digital branch touch points to meet customer needs, they still have to manage operational efficiency and IT infrastructure.

With ATMs, should we begin to 'color outside the lines'?

Walking through a mall this week, I caught sight of an ATM and immediately identified the financial institution by its color scheme — a predominantly blue color scheme that I recognized as being owned by Chase. Another, with lots of...

Cardtronics grows organically in Q1

In its recent earnings call, the company reported 15 percent growth in constant currency, 9 percent of it coming from existing operations.

Are the card schemes digging their own grave with the EMV liability shift?

Blinded by the financial windfall of offloading billions in fraud losses to their own customers, the card brands now face serious risks on a number of fronts.

Banking via mobile: Does 'BYOD' mean 'bring your own disaster'?

The great thing about banking via mobile device is its convenience. The not-so-great thing is device owners' penchant for downloading things they shouldn't. A May 10 webinar will discuss cyberthreats — and ways to protect customers against their own bad habits.

ATM Marketplace: April's Top 5 features

From revenues to robots to the rollout by one of the nation's largest FIs of not one, but two options for cardless ATM access, here's our lineup of stories that scored with readers in April.

Diebold gets off to a rough start with 2016 earnings

Subpar performance in Q1 prompted the company to back off its outlook for the full year, but CEO Andy Mattes says that Diebold has plenty of large deals in the pipeline.

Based on Q1 earnings, NCR turns bullish on full-year outlook

With a 'solid' backlog of orders for software and ATMs, company chairman Bill Nuti says raising full-year guidance was 'responsible of us.'

ATM security: What can we learn from a hacked iPhone?

The ATM industry needs reliable security solutions to address increasing threats — without speculation as to whether there are or should be security backdoors.

Smartphones may rule the empire but it's slow going through the kingdom of cash!

The only thing that develops traction is the thing that clearly offers an improvement over what we already have, and mobile wallets just don't have enough going for them right now.

A long way from the cash register: NCR takes on the omnichannel age

NCR CTO for Software Solutions Eli Rosner discusses the current state of omnichannel enterprise and the outlook to 2020.

5 business-building benefits of being an ATMIA member

ATMIA provides member benefits that are designed to help the ATM industry continue to grow and prosper, the organization says.

The groundwork: 3 essentials for successful branch transformation

The recent webinar, "Clearing the path for branch transformation: 3 management tactics to succeed," offered insights on achieving customer service that is both omnichannel and singular.

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