It's official: Diebold Inc., Wincor Nixdorf to become Diebold Nixdorf

The ATM manufacturers have revealed the terms of their combined business agreement — and the new identity the company will take on when the deal is finalized.

Guide looks at next-gen ATM management for omnichannel FIs

The recently published free guide 'ATM Monitoring Technology for Omnichannel Banking Systems' addresses the benefits and challenges of migration to next-gen ATM monitoring systems

FIs at a crossroads: Build or buy mobile payment apps?

A look at some of the factors financial institutions should consider when it comes to adding mobile payments.

Is it time for French FIs to say 'Oui!' to independent ATMs?

Exclusion from the national ATM network has effectively barred IADs from the French market and prevented consumers — and FIs — from reaping the benefits of broader access.

Pathways to payment transformation

Three industry experts discuss compelling reasons and real-world strategies for moving legacy systems into the digital, omnichannel future.

ATM-maker NCR signs off on equity deal with Blackstone

After months of rumor, speculation and innuendo from "people close to the story," Bill Nuti, the NCR executive at the middle of it, finally has something to say.

Cardtronics earnings: Knocking it out of the park

The company continued to rack up double-digit increases with its third quarter performance.

Bubbling to the top — champagne time for NonStop!

There are few ATM networks today where a NonStop isn't involved, so I expect a big turnout for HPE's NonStop Technical Boot Camp in San Jose, Nov. 15–18.

Can financial institutions monetize cash transactions?

What if banks could introduce a payments innovation that would raise consumers' estimation of them and add to the bottom line in the process? Maybe they can.

NCR and Diebold Q3 earnings calls: An elephant in the room?

America's largest ATM-makers held earning calls last week and got through them with barely a word about the biggest industry news in years — the Diebold-Wincor deal.

Webinar: Initiatives, strategies and new approaches for payment transformation

As payment services organizations continue to drive some of the biggest changes in global payments, how can companies determine which strategies will work best in the future?

Card brands and issuers needled about PIN

In advocating for credit chip and PIN, US retailers are using the same 'consumer security' pitch against the card brands that the brands once used to sell EMV to retailers.

Are millennials from Mars?

Plenty of things about millennials might seem alien to Gen X-ers and boomers, but when it comes to banking, they're all pretty much the same.

Fintech walks the fine line between innovation, regulation

A panel of government and private sector experts at Money 20/20 examined the ongoing issues between regulators and fintech companies.

Yes, that was my money and I saw it on TV!

If we get omnichannel backend processing correct, it doesn't matter all that much where the channels head or what device is on the other end.

Uneasy alliance: Banks and fintech startups

Startups should seek to leverage the consumer trust which banks have worked for decades to earn; banks should look to startups for consumer-focused innovations.

MasterCard to drive payments for the Internet of Things

At Money 20/20, the card network announced a new program that will enable companies to add card credentials to devices such as automobile key fobs, smart rings and even clothing.

Gloves off: Diebold and Hyosung spar over ATM patent claims

On Monday, Diebold started a fracas by announcing patent infringement actions against Nautilus Hyosung. By Tuesday, it was clear that Hyosung was ready to fight toe-to-toe with its US market rival.

Mobile payments set to dominate discussions at Money 20/20

EMV and bank innovation also should be hot topics next week in Las Vegas, writes Mobile Payments Today Editor Will Hernandez.

How does the Diebold-Wincor deal look to NCR?

The proposed purchase of Wincor Nixdorf by Diebold might look good to stockholders. But is it good for the industry? Here's how another ATM-maker sees it.

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