FIs apply new ideas to take the 'me too' out of mobile apps

As connected consumers seek a differentiated mobile banking experience, FIs are responding with feature-rich apps that do everything from accessing ATMs to opening accounts.

'Unemployed ATMs' anxious about their future?

Can we teach old ATMs new tricks? Or are the demographics simply working against ATMs as younger generations rely more on the smartphones and tablets?

Jumping into January: The ATM Marketplace Top 5

Our top stories for the first month of 2016 made for an interesting mashup of projections and retrospection concerning the automatic teller machine.

Bank Customer Experience Summit slated for September

The two-day event caters to bankers who want to transform their FI's culture, technology and environment in order to reach and retain a new generation of retail customers.

A cashless society: what's in it for the UK?

Guest columnist Paul Underwood explains how going cashless in the UK would benefit banks, merchants and consumers.

How ATM cash management can close the window on waste

Never mind interest rates. Getting control of ATM cash handling costs can have a far greater impact on the bottom line, as a pair of industry experts explained in this week's webinar.

The humble ATM: So much more than a cash machine

The ATM is a touch point — not only for your customers, but also, for your competitors' customers, which makes it an excellent vehicle to highlight your FI's differentiators.

Conference preview: ATMIA US 2016

For its upcoming conference in The Big Easy, the ATM Industry Association has assembled a hard-hitting lineup of timely, on-topic workshops, breakouts and keynotes.

Was the ATM a disruptive innovation?

Since its introduction, it's become an integral part of the payments ecosystem and the second most important banking channel after the branch. It that disruptive enough?

ATM cash management: It's so much bigger than interest rates

A free webinar on Jan. 26 will demonstrate that, in an effective cash management program, cost-savings on interest is just the tip of the iceberg.

4 ways to avoid tossing your old ATM

With the EMV deadline looming, up to half of the nation's ATMs could be headed to the dump. But that's probably not the best place for them, and there are alternatives.

Has the time finally arrived for mobile payments?

In 2015, we finally seemed to see some breakthroughs in mobile payments, but the question remains: Are consumers finally ready to come along from the ride?

Foolhardy Predictions for 2016

The safest prediction about 2016 is that many things will change — guessing what those changes will be is less important than being prepared for whatever they turn out to be.

Fearless 2016 projections

No matter where you sit in the payments field, buckle up and be prepared for what could be a wild ride.

2016 in the ATM industry: For Europe, a year of heavy lifting

The ATM industry has some big items on its 2016 to-do list, but ATMIA Europe Executive Director Ron Delnevo says his organization is fit for the job.

ATMs in 2016: What's in the stars?

Before closing the book on 2015, we asked ATM industry members what they view as the year's biggest developments — and what they see ahead for 2016.

In it for the long haul

In the long run, it's going to be a question of how creative we can be when thinking of what needs to be dispensed to authorized ATM users.

FIs sink or swim with fintech players

FIs must focus more on innovation, but this will not be easy in an environment where more than 75 percent of IT expenditure goes towards system maintenance.

The top 5 stories of 2015: An ATM Marketplace wrap-up

As we close out the year, ATM Marketplace offers up a small package of big things — the five stories that piqued the greatest interest last year among ATM Marketplace readers.

Cash or card: How do you pay for Christmas?

For now, it's still hard to get people to part with their cash — except at the tills.

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