The battle of the bands

Banknotes take a beating from rubber bands. One simple packaging change could greatly improve the fitness of bills in circulation.

Legal tender? Time to reexamine the cost of cash

Cash has a cost for sure, but the real question is what price is a world without cash? The cost of ditching it could be a lot higher than many people realize.

As cash becomes quaint, are ATMs on a path to obsolescence?

Now that we have so many other alternatives to fulfill our banking needs — we can deposit a check with a snap from our smartphones — do we really need ATMs?

Hell's Bells — no more transaction fees!

Payments software giant ACI Worldwide has acknowledged that, in the future, users of licensed payments solutions won't look favorably upon vendors charging transaction fees.

The mobile-ization of modern banking

We know how digital devices have changed traditional banking. The question now is how the mobile wallet will change digital banking.

European ATMS 2015: A great conference pointing to a better future

ATMIA Europe Executive Director Ron Delnevo recaps the annual ATM industry event held last week in London.

ATM surveillance: Preserving the ATM, protecting the customer

It is inevitable that FIs must balance investments and cost containment, but they also must take into account the safety of the customers who use their services.

The Bitcoin ATM: An objective view

The new 'Bitcoin ATMs 101' guide from ATM Marketplace cuts to the chase on the risks and rewards of mixing traditional and virtual currencies at the ATM.

How ATM software will empower the evolving branch

A June 30 webinar will introduce highlights from the annual 'ATM Software Trends and Analysis' guide, now in its 8th edition.

Under the Milky Way tonight ...

How brightly do our systems shine today? How proudly do we stand beneath the overarching technology we rely on to compete in today's business world?

Testing for the unexpected: Is the unexpected really unexpected?

Executing every test in a test script for every feature in a 10-year-old ATM system is impractical. So how do you maintain the integrity of your configuration?

Lawmakers take an interest in electronic payments

Both branches of Congress have formed bipartisan caucuses focused on payment technologies and data security in the US.

Case study webinar demonstrates the power of ATM big data analytics

Learn how the nation's fourth largest CU leveraged used Inetco Analytics software to achieve greater profitability — and ensure a better member experience.

After the chip card: A chargeback tsunami?

What can we learn from Canada's experience weathering the fraud fallout that followed EMV migration?

'In the middle of the action': The ATM in an omnichannel world

The ATM should be central to the omnichannel experience. Here's why.

Cohesive branding key to effective marketing at the ATM

Consider how your FI works to keep branding efforts constantly in front of your customers — including those engaging with you at the ATM.

May's top ATM reads

Fiscal fitness was top of mind for ATM industry members in May; three of the top five stories covered Q1 results for bellwether companies in the ATM sector.

The Case for Cash: 10 myth-busting truths about money

A review of some of the most compelling reasons why we should defend the future of cash as a consumer payment choice.

Thought retailers had omnichannel in the bag? They're not alone!

It's becoming the new norm for modern payments solutions to manage networks of ATMs anchored by hubs that make any feature accessible by any device.

The case for cash: 16 myths about money

A look at the most commonly peddled deceptions, distortions and duplicitous fairytales about the dangers, disadvantages and ultimate demise of cash.

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