Terry Dooley / Terry is an integral part of the Shazam team, bringing more than 20 years of financial and electronic funds transfer industry experience and expertise that keeps Shazam at the forefront of EFT technology. He leads all IT strategy and development.
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Power couple: ATM and mobile

Mobile devices are becoming ATM-access tools, able to offer many of the display and keyboard functions currently available on the self-service device.

Consumers looking to be their own fraud protection advocates

Nearly two-thirds of American consumers say they would use a service that sends them an email or text when suspicious activity occurs on their payment card.

Is tokenization really the best solution to fraud?

Apple has made over one of the oldest payment security methods into one of the newest. But is it the best?

EMV at the ATM: The devil is in the details

For ATM operators, nailing down the details of EMV implementation starts with asking vendors several important questions.

Will EMV lead to more contactless ATMs?

Some forward-looking independent ATM deployers have begun to develop strategies for implementing contactless ATM transactions.

ATMs can be a drawing card for millennials

Now is the time to use the digital capabilities and accessibility of the ATM to win over millennials disenchanted with the branch experience.

PIN transactions — they're simply safer

The National Retail Federation recently told the Senate Commerce Committee that it’s past time to revamp the fraud-prone payment card system through the use of personal identification number authentication. During a recent Senate hearing on data breaches, Mallory Duncan, NRF...

Will consumers change behavior because of data breaches?

New research indicates many consumers have altered their shopping behavior as a result of recent far-reaching retail data breaches. Specifically, data analytics company Feedzai's "2014 Consumer Reaction to Financial Data Breaches Study" found that 22 percent of shoppers who were...

Dynamic Currency Conversion delivers benefits all around

With global tourism on the rise and the payments industry working to generate additional revenue (as well as added customer value at ATMs and the point of sale), the financial and retail industries are becoming increasingly interested in dynamic currency...

Self-service grows as consumers look to bank when and where it’s convenient

Consumer use of alternative, convenient, self-service and ATM channels is on the rise. A recent Mercator Advisory Group study found that while consumers continue to prefer using their financial institution’s teller line to deposit checks, this trend is beginning to...

FIs reconsider account offerings, branch networks

Financial institutions across the U.S. still face increased operating costs and decreased revenue.

FIs get creative with ATM advertising

Today, ATMs are so much more than cash withdrawal machines. The most sophisticated units are now full-service banking channels, offering significant potential for enhanced service delivery. ATMs are also an underused marketing channel.

FI execs afraid of being first - and last

Researchers recently interviewed merchant and financial institution executives to uncover their concerns regarding the ever-evolving payments arena. Mobile payments surfaced as a top emerging payment option about which many FI executives are experiencing some trepidation. They cited worries regarding the...

Senators propose hearings on Target data breach

Following the recent Target data breach, three U.S.

Consumers lost billions as a result of Durbin regulation

Economic consulting firm, Global Economics Group, recently released the results of a study exploring the impact of the Durbin Amendment on consumers, retailers, and financial institutions. According to the study, consumers have lost between $22 billion and $25 billion as...

Consumers want real-time payments - from their primary FI

A recent FIS study reiterates three key points regarding consumers and real-time payments.  First, a significant portion of the population is showing an interest in using real-time payments. Second, consumers expect those payments to be mobile, immediate, and convenient.

Could changes in the credit card world increase debit use?

Shifts in both consumer and lender behavior have set off several trends in the credit card marketplace. American consumers are paying down credit card debt, paying less to use credit cards, and making fewer purchases on credit, according to a...

Spending cash turns out to be expensive

Using cash is costing Americans $200 billion per year. This amounts to an average of $1,739 per household, according to a new study by the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Obstacles still block speed, efficiency of payments

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Sandra Pianalto recently said that the central bank, which handles more than $3 trillion daily to pay for goods, services and financial instruments, is working to improve the speed and security of the United...

Obstacles still hinder speed and efficiency of payments system

Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland President Sandra Pianalto recently said the central bank, which handles more than "$3 trillion a day to pay for goods, services and financial instruments," is working to improve the speed and security of the U.S. payments system. According to Pianalto, the U.S.

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