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Business aren't prepared for cyber attacks, study says

Amazing. With the proliferation of cyber attacks globally, most businesses are ill prepared to deal with one, says research from the Economist Intelligence Unit and Arbor Networks. Perhaps businesses have an “It won’t happen to us” mindset, even though hackers...

Is your account info online safe from Heartbleed? There's a way to find out, and it's free

I'm sure you've heard the news about Heartbleed by now (unless you've been in vacation wonderland taking a tech break). This is a serious vulnerability at the core of the Internet and is something we all should be concerned about. Heartbleed is a kink in encryption software discovered by security researchers.

Data breach legislation: As states step up, will the Fed follow?

A data breach notification bill, H.B. 224, was recently introduced in the New Mexico legislature.

5 ways to analyze security and reduce threats

A deep analysis into security — via security analytics programs — can unveil crucial areas that need to be addressed if a business is serious about reducing the threat of a data breach. A security analytics program can provide value...

7 laptop security tips for travelers

A laptop has become standard equipment for the business traveler. But the great convenience of having masses of information at your fingertips while on the road does come with a risk to proprietary business data and documents.

Why multifactor authentication trumps knowledge-based authentication

First, what is knowledge-based authentication? KBA is an authentication method that asks the user to respond to at least one question whose correct answer only that user would know. There are two types of KBA: 1) a question the user...

IT guys get suckered in social media exploit

The defenses of a U.S. government agency were defeated by an experimental scam created by security experts.

Risks and solutions in cloud computing

A public cloud service can bring up five risks for a business. Following are descriptions of each of these risks and their solutions. 1) Unauthorized access Cover the three A’s: authentication, authorization and access control.

Crack your WiFi password to protect yourself

Today, anyone can learn code and understand the ins and outs of the technology we are simultaneously blessed and cursed with. But once you know how all this technology works to the point of calling yourself a hacker (which, by...

Devising a data security strategy

Whether you are a work-at-home employee, a road warrior, or even a small business, chances are you have data to protect — and so this all pertains to you. Fundamentals Antivirus protection isn’t enough: A free antivirus package is good,...

Employees put data at risk on WiFi

Employees expect to use their mobile devices at work, and employers often don't mind because of the cost savings. However, the use of personal smartphones and other mobile devices at the office creates problems for IT managers. A business with...

5 Ways Your Identity is Stolen

Chances are good that in the coming year, you will be asked to provide your or a family member's Social Security number at least a few times. And because of all you've heard about identity theft and all the advice...

Beware the 'evil twins' of Wi-Fi

For most travelers, finding a reliable Wi-Fi connection is usually a priority. While a mobile 3G/4G hotspot connection satisfies some, it doesn't compare to the speed of Wi-Fi for laptops or uploading/downloading larger files. NBC news reports, "More and more...

What is 'synthetic' identity theft?

Identity theft is first and foremost a problem because we rely on numerical identifiers that attach humans to credit and a variety of services. Once a criminal gets hold of those identifiers, he can simply be you. But when that...

The Gemalto 'Contactless Challenge' revisited

The Gemalto Contactless Challenge kicked off in the United States on June 10, with two bloggers — from Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City, Utah, respectively — putting contactless payment infrastructure to the test. The Isis consortium of AT&T, T-Mobile...

Credit card numbers, $3 each

Buying credit card numbers with high credit limits must be so much easier than going through the hassle of building good credit, applying for credit cards, getting approved, buying stuff, going to work all day/week/month/year/lifetime and making the money necessary...

How the 'digital life' affects identity theft and financial loss

You're on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You use Gmail, Yahoo, and online banking.

What's the difference between using proxy vs. VPN?

If you live in or travel to a country that controls what websites citizens can and cannot view, then you might not have access to sites like Facebook or YouTube. In this case you might have considered using a proxy or a VPN — But what’s the difference? A virtual private network is a network set up to communicate privately over a public network.

Flying the friendly skies of WiFi

When getting on a flight that's three to five hours long (or more), many business professionals wrestle with the decision whether to spend the $12.95 for airplane WiFi, take a nap or watch the movie. If their company is paying for it, they might do all three.

How protected is your tablet on Wi-Fi?

To understand how protected you are, you need to understand how unprotected free public wireless is. This has nothing to do with how secure Apple devices are compared to Android. By default, free public wireless is open and unencrypted, and the data that travels over it from each device to the router is naked for all the world to see.

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