Rebecca Hellmann / Rebecca Hellmann is the marketing manager for Welch ATM, an independent ATM company that currently manages more than 20,000 ATMs throughout the United States.
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Fed study finds that ATM, debit might be safer than credit cards

In 2012, PIN debit card transactions - including both purchases and ATM cash withdrawals - had the lowest fraud rates among general-purpose cards by both number and value.

It's not an ATM. It's another branch.

It might be time to start considering your individual ATMs as mini-branches and to begin thinking about how to deliver an experience befitting of their importance as such.

The rise of the ATM — self-service banking’s main touch point

How could the dinosaur that is ATM technology possibly survive — much less thrive — in a country full of tech-obsessed millenials? Convenience.

Are cash and prepaids the key to helping customers budget ... and keeping them loyal?

A 2014 consumer financial literacy survey from Harris Poll notes that only 39 percent of U.S. adults are keeping a budget or tracking their spending.

Busting out of the ATM branding rut

The best way to get out of a rut is to change how you think about the problem, according to Josh Streufert, creative director for Weber Marketing Group. Streufert cited Akira Yoshizawa, grand origami master of Japan, as the perfect...

To increase positive brand image, eliminate negative impressions at the ATM

In the Internet age, negative comments and reviews can go viral in the worst possible sense. Companies scramble to "clean up" customer service issues and draft plans to help their employees turn bad situations into, if not positive, at least...

Could mobile be the future for ATMs and FI brands?

You might have heard the buzz about mobile and cardless payments. Tech companies around the globe are touting mobile wallets, near field communications and other technologies as the "future of payments." Target is already offering mobile coupons through their "Cartwheel"...

4 examples of ATM branding to jumpstart a creative brainstorm

Many financial institutions and retailers still see ATMs merely as cash or transaction machines. In reality, creative thinking can transform a standard automated teller into a vehicle for brand outreach. Here are four examples of ATM innovation to help jumpstart your creative branding brainstorm. 1.

The mobile revolution helps bring a positive future for FI brands

A recent study from Pew Research shows that 91 percent of U.S. citizens owned a mobile phone as of May.

3 upcoming upgrades that could increase FIs' costs

In today's self-service culture, ATMs and mobile banking have become key aspects of customer satisfaction and retention. However, the fast pace of technological change coupled with regular mandates and regulation updates have begun to make maintaining these channels both costly...

3 ways managed services can help FIs with EMV – and other changes

FIs spent quite a bit of money to update their ATM fleets and meet requirements of the new ADA regulations implemented last year. Now financial institutions are faced with the daunting task of more upgrades in the forms of Windows...

EMV migration and the FI brand: What could it mean for you?

EMV chip technology is already common in the payments industry, used throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Latin America, Africa and most of the Asia-Pacific countries. It is easy to see why many of these countries were so quick to make...

Branding for millennials: updated marketing required

I can't stop raving about my financial institution's new iPhone application. It's been in development for more than a year and I have been eagerly awaiting its release. Now that it's finally here, I have constant access to my account and cash 24/7 via my phone and a wide range of surcharge-free ATMs.

The outsourcing debate

Famed management consultant Peter Drucker spoke extensively about outsourcing and is often credited with the idea as we know it today. "Most look at outsourcing from the point of view of cutting costs," he said in an interview with Brent...

High school ATM placement passes the test

AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union in Pennsylvania has done what many institutions have waffled on for years — placed an ATM in a community high school. Welch ATM sat down with AmeriChoice marketing specialist Rebekah Frischkorn to discuss the strategy and...

How branding can broadcast community involvement

Many financial institutions, large and small, pride themselves on a community focus. These FIs participate in local events, donate to charities, provide unique community programs and make a concentrated effort to be involved. All of this activity not only serves the public, but also works to promote the institution in a positive light.

ATM outsourcing: a better branding idea?

ATM outsourcing options have been around for years but many financial institutions remain unaware of the process and benefits of outsourcing. Still others simply refuse to consider the possibility of turning over the responsibility for an important customer service channel...

Mobile banking: Increased acceptance equals greater opportunities for FIs

Mobile devices have become a part of everyday life around the world, used for banking, entertainment, communication, payments, budgeting and even shopping. A recent survey by the U.S.

Increase transactions and awareness with simple ATM branding

Many ISOs and ATM deployers seek to increase machine traffic and incremental revenue by offering branding options for financial institutions. However, FIs are sometimes leery about spending the money to turn ATMs into branding tools or investing in branded ATMs...

Brand expansion through branchless banking

While transactions at financial institution branches across the U.S. are dropping by approximately 5 percent per year, PC and Internet use are on the rise.

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