Lachlan Gunn / Lachlan is coordinator of the European ATM Security Team.
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EMV deadline for U.S. ATMs...the race is on!

MasterCard follows Visa with an announcemernt of an EMV deadline for the U.S. market - the difference is that the MasterCard announcement relates to a liability shift for ATMs........and by April 2013!

Heat from your fingers could compromise your PIN at an ATM

Research has shown that residual heat from fingers can be used to compromise a PIN entered at an ATM with a plastic key pad using images taken by thermal cameras.

Does your bank provide SMS alerts for debit card transactions?

From July 2011 the Indian Central Bank (RBI) has made it mandatory for banks to provide SMS alerts for debit card transsactions

The U.S. is moving toward last!

Visa announcement of "Plans to Accelerate Chip Migration and Adoption of Mobile Payments" may be the catalyst for the U.S. market to adopt EMV. 

Europol busts international cross border skimming operation

Europol has led a successful operation that resulted in the arrest of a card skimming gang suspected of stealing more than EUR50 million from banks and consumers

Fraud migrates away from Europe, as ATM EMV rollout nears completion

EAST has just released a chart showing the impact on ATM related skimming losses of the rollout of EMV (Chip and PIN) at European ATMs.

Is the U.S. market tipping towards EMV?

Two major US Banks, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo, are to pilot EMV cards with a select group of cardholders

One third of UK adults are victims of card fraud

According to the annual Card Fraud Index released yesterday by life assistance company CPP, Card fraud has now affected a total of 13 million people in the UK during their lifetimes, that's one third of all adults.  Looks like the risk of becoming a card fraud victim is moving from the possible to the probable?

Would you use a biometric solution to authorise a transaction at an ATM?

In a website research poll conducted by the European ATM Security Team (EAST) from July to September 2010 73% of the respondents would not use the technology, or were cautious about it.  Once your biometric data information is taken and stored, how secure is it?  Does the risk of such data compromise outweigh the benefits of ease of use?

The End of the Magnetic Stripe On Payment Cards?

EAST, the European ATM Security Team, has just released European ATM crime statistics for the period January to June 2010. The figures show a 24% increase in card skimming attacks at European ATMs - 5,743 attacks were reported for the...

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