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Lawmakers take an interest in electronic payments

Both branches of Congress have formed bipartisan caucuses focused on payment technologies and data security in the US.

Future looks 'sunny' for global ATM market

China and India will drive growth; in India, expansion will be fueled by solar ATMs that can be used in remote rural locations.

Hit your 2015 marketing goals

Quality, consistent branding, targeted campaigns, and strategies that fit the times are hallmarks of a successful marketing plan.

New payments players must fight their way through space junk

The payments ecosystem is much like space: It's difficult to get to; it's uninhabitable unless you're properly equipped; and it exists in a vacuum.

Using cash for small purchases shows a consumer's age

A recent study found that consumers under age 30 are much more likely to use plastic even to pay for purchases under $5.

Digital payments gain ground as HCE hints at FI involvement

HCE technology has the potential to advance mobile transactions powered by tethered credit or debit card accounts, says Juniper Research and other industry observers.

Card blocking, consumer alerts are keys to fraud prevention

Financial organizations are on high alert regarding payments fraud in the wake of recent high profile customer data breaches. Although overall payments fraud has decreased, attacks targeting debit and credit cards continue to rise. The majority of financial service companies...

IT spending projected to rise to meet consumer expectations

Retail financial institution IT spending is predicted to hit $152 billion worldwide by 2018. Specifically, retail FIs are looking to boost their online and mobile operations in many areas of the world. A new report, "Retail Banking IT Priorities for...

Bill pay innovation key to keeping consumers happy

As mobile bill payment use continues to surge among American consumers, financial institutions and billers need to innovate in terms of their billing software if they are to remain competitive. Studies indicate that mobile banking is no longer enough for...

Consumer education key to success of mobile

Despite ever-increasing mobile payment options and more hands-on experience using them, some consumers are still not sold on the value of mobile transactions. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, 64 percent of consumers believe mobile payments using near-field communication...

Why banks need to be in the mobile wallet business

A recent Allied Market Research report indicates the global mobile wallet market is on target to reach $5.25 trillion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 127 percent over the next seven years alone. According to the report,...

ATMs play a role in FIs’ omnichannel goals

Mercator Advisory Group's recent "2013 ATM Market Benchmark Report" examines the ways in which the ATM channel is assisting financial institutions in their efforts to create an omnichannel banking experience. Omnichannel is the fusion of channels to create a unified...

E-payments industry continues to face hurdles

In its seventh annual overview of the status of the electronic payments industry, Digital Transactions looks closely at ongoing interchange issues, virtual currencies, EMV, and prepaid cards. In the November issue cover story, "The 10 Most Pressing Issues in E-Payments,"...

Double-encrypted PINs provide extra layer of protection in breaches

As Target breach updates continue to roll out, PIN compromise is among the hot topics. The question as to whether PINs were exposed in the holiday-season incident gained steam when JPMorgan Chase imposed limits on daily ATM withdrawals for affected...

Riding into the sunset: Banking by telephone and mail

Mobile banking is becoming progressively more popular according to the American Bankers Association. In a survey of 1,000 U.S.

Real-time payments expected to take hold by 2018

A recent ACI Worldwide survey asked 200 executives from commercial and retail FIs, credit card companies and technology providers for their opinions regarding mobile services and real-time payments. Eighty-three percent of respondents said that real-time payments would become the standard...

PIN wins in consumers' expected mobile wallet experience

A recent study by Phoenix Marketing International highlights a disconnect between consumers' awareness of mobile wallets and their use of this emerging payment option. Phoenix surveyed 3,013 consumers, asking about cardholder attitudes, use, interest, and preferences regarding mobile wallet apps....

Disposable email accounts: A new way for crooks to victimize FI customers?

Fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to defeat the online protections financial institutions have created. Guardian Analytics, a behavioral analytics fraud prevention software developer, has identified the disposable email address as one of several new tools fraudsters are using to...

3 common mobile issues and their solutions

A hassle-free user experience can make all the difference when introducing mobile apps. However, with new technology comes new problems.  Financial institutions are now in the mobile web and mobile app development game.

Study breaks down mobile banking demographics

A recent study by the Pew Research Center indicates that more consumers are taking advantage of the simplicity, ease, and convenience of online and mobile banking. The report found that 51 percent of American adults and 61 percent of Internet...

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