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  • Ignorance is no defense

    In a disturbing study released in early March, Newtek Business Services threw a cold, wet towel over the notion that merchants were ready for — or even informed about — the changes coming …
  • Who's swimming naked?

    If you're an IAD, here are four ways to ensure that you won't be exposed when the tide rolls out on EMV.
  • 3 Reasons ATM Vendors Should Branch Out into Custom Manufacturing

    ATM companies are poised to expand their businesses and generate more revenue.
  • Lemons to lemonade: New revenues from obsolescent ATMs

    A little repurposing can end a lot of angst over ADA, EMV, PCI and Windows 7 upgrades. 
  • 3 irrefutable reasons why ISOs must up their game against fraud

    Heartland, Target, Neiman Marcus; Congressional hearings, NRF vs. banks; liability shift deadlines, PCI, processing AIDs – it's enough to make your head spin. Largely missing from the …
  • Triton Argo ATM adds Fujitsu bill recycler

    Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc., a maker of currency handling products, and Triton Systems of Delaware LLC, a provider of ATMs and ATM management software, have announced a partnership that will …
  • Triton gets to the 'heart' of the ATM user experience - Part II

    Triton and Digital Donations are combining their capabilities to broaden the market for charitable giving at the ATM.
  • Solidifying Financial Relationships Between Businesses and Banks

    VersaSafe gives State Bank an edge in Georgia's commercial banking market.
  • Triton gets to the 'heart' of the ATM user experience - Part I

    A new feature lets ATM users make a charitable donation at the terminal and walk away feeling like a million bucks.
  • Reflections on ATMIA US 2014

    "Reinventing the ATM," the theme of this year's ATMIA US conference in Orlando, Fla., proved to be highly appropriate. ISOs and vendors this year spent a considerable amount of time at the show …
  • Triton to integrate bill recycling into ARGO 7 ATM

    Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc. and Triton Systems of Delaware LLC, have announced that they will offer the Fujitsu G60 bill recycling unit in the ARGO 7 ATM. According to the companies, Triton's …
  • Gas pump skimming and ATMs

    This month, the Manhattan District Attorney indicted four lead defendants on charges of skimming gas pumps to steal customer bank data, which was used steal and launder more than $2 million in cash …
  • 2013's 10 best blogs

    From ATM upgrade deadlines to an updated 'light' branch, the topics of these blogs clicked with our readers in 2013.
  • Stoking the fire in the cash debate

    For more than twenty years, the "Death of Cash" argument has been fairly stale. Its advocates argue that cash is inconvenient, impractical and ultimately will be overtaken by new electronic payment …
  • A manufacturer's dilemma

    Editor's note: Remember the "I Love Lucy" episode (#39) that had Lucy and Ethel working on a candy factory production line wrapping chocolates? If so, you'll know exactly what this blog post from …
  • Wherever there's commerce, there should be an ATM!

    There was a time when independent retailers didn't give ATMs a second thought. Today, flea market owners like Steve Blakewood see ATMs as indispensable. In fact, the owner of the Waldo Farmers & …
  • EMV is your weapon!

    For U.S. ISOs, taking a "wait and see" approach to EMV is a perfectly defensible strategy. After all, standards aren't finalized, processors aren't ready, issuers aren't rolling out chip cards in …
  • EMV FAQs - Part I

    ATM industry members have no shortage of questions about EMV-related issues. So Triton has compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. What are the EMV deadlines?…
  • An ATM Down Equals Money Lost

    Innovative logistics and inventory management approaches can save deployers time and money.
  • The power of touch

    Consumers of all ages have now moved from a level of comfort to almost an expectation that the devices they interact with on a daily basis contain touchscreen functionality. Certainly nearly all …
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