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Use of multivendor middleware in ATMs is on the rise.  Non-native ATM software can create a significant challenge for automated ATM key management.  Every ATM manufacturer has their own unique remote key protocol.  The different ATM remote key protocols fall either into a Certificate Base Protocol (CBP) or a Signature Based Protocol (SBP) category.  However, without exception, no two ATM manufacturer’s protocols are alike.  In other words, one ATM manufacturers CBP protocol is not the same as another ATM manufacturer’s CBP protocol and CBP protocols are fundamentally different from SBP protocols.

The A98-Direct Module allows the A98 Remote Key module to talk directly to the ATM during a terminal master key remote key exchange.  Using the A98-D, the A98 can separate the cryptographic payload from the multivendor middleware’s data traffic and process this information based on the ATM manufacture’s protocol.  ATM EPP’s can only be successfully rekeyed using signed certificates or signed data from the ATM manufacturer’s Certificate Authority.  The A98-R and A98-D is vendor neutral and has full support for all ATM manufacturers CA’s.

Examples of multivendor middleware software resolved by using A98-D are the following:

  • NCR’s Aptra® in use on Diebold and Hyosung ATMs
  • Wincor-Nixdorf’s ProCash® in use on Diebold and NCR ATMs

For more information about the A98-D and TSS’s support for multivendor middleware, please contact

Products and Services

A98 ATM Key Management System – A98-R - Remote Key Module

The A98-R Remote Key Module totally automates ATM initial key establishment, eliminating the need for physical key components and two separate people to be at the ATM during installation for compliant key establishment. The A98-R works with remote key capable ATMs and has support for multivendor middleware. Learn more »

A98 ATM Key Management System – A98-A -Comvelope© Solution

The patented A98-A Comvelope© solution revolutionized ATM key loading at a time (August 1998) when it was mandated by VISA that all ATMs must have a unique key. The A98 Comvelope Solution continues today to be the most efficient and compliant solution for ATM key loading for non-remote key capable ATMs. Learn more »

A98 ATM Key Management System – A98-C – Card Services

The A98-C (Card Services Module) allows card issuers to take control of their card and PIN Mailer issuing functions. The calculation of CVV1, CVV2, IBM3624 PIN, VISAPVV PIN and Offsets for bridging from one PAN to another for the same PIN are performed entirely within the A98 Cryptographic Unit and transferred directly to the Embosser or PIN Mailer Printer. Learn more »

A98 ATM Key Management System – A98 eHelpDesk

The A98 eHelpDesk application runs on any desktop browser allowing authorized, authenticated users to view A98 ATM keying activity and perform certain key management functions. Learn more »

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