Triton’s FT5000 is a versatile through-the-wall ATM offering a highly cost-efficient operation for a surprisingly low investment. Available in a drive-up or walk-up configuration with two to four cassettes, the FT5000 comes standard with a stunning 10.4" color display, UL 291 business hours cabinet, elocks and dip-style card reader. ADA and PCI compliant. EMV ready. Download brochure.

Products and Services

Triton ARGO ATM Touchscreen

"Coming Soon" - Triton’s newest touchscreen ATM, the ARGO 15, is available with a 15" wide color screen display and five dispenser options. Learn more »

Triton ARGO Cash Recycler

NEW - Introducing the ARGO G60 cash recycler, a multi-function, off-premise cash recycling ATM that costs thousands of dollars less than traditional full function banking machines. Learn more »

Triton ARGO 12.0 Color Display

New - With a stunning 12.1" color display, the ARGO is ideal for banks and credit unions that want to advertise their products and services through customized on-screen messages.  Learn more »

Triton ARGO 7.0 Touchscreen

Triton’s first touchscreen ATM. Learn more »

Triton ARGO 7.0 ECO

Provide your customers with e-mail receipts and save money with the eco-friendly, printer-less ARGO 7.0 ECO. Learn more »

High Quality Lottery Capable ATM Triton Traverse

Designed expressly for the off-premise market. Learn more »

Triton Refurbished ATMs

Cost-Effective Solutions for Low Volume Locations Learn more »

Smart Safe

The VersaSafe is a remarkably fast, secure and accurate vault deposit system for cash-intensive businesses.  Learn more »

Triton Custom Software Development

In a market flooded with cookie-cutter ATMs, the best way to make your product stand out — and earn more revenue — is to offer feature-rich, revenue generating services.  Learn more »

Triton Custom Manufacturing & Engineering Services

Need a product manufactured but don't want to send it overseas or invest in factory updates or automation? Outsource it to Triton. Learn more »

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