Phoenix Interactive Design, Inc.

DATE: Nov. 18, 2010
DURATION: 1 hour

Looking Forward: How the Self-Service Channel will Evolve in the Next Five Years

This webinar will  highlight major transformations that are changing the face of the self-service channel and discuss the opportunities these raise for engaging the increasingly "techno-savvy" customer.

You will come away with:

  • Ideas for leveraging e-communications and social media
  • New ways to optimize customer interactions
  • A new definition of personalization
  • A new benchmark for great customer experience

Larry McClanahan will join the webinar for a panel discussion to share the vision of Fifth Third Bancorp who is at the leading edge of these initiatives.  Mr. McClanahan will explain how advanced technology is delivering these major changes in the industry.

Products and Services

True Multi-Vendor Solution

Improve your channel’s operational efficiency and reduce costs with VISTAatm™.  Our Windows based ATM terminal software was the world’s first single run-time solution deployed on multiple hardware vendor platforms. Learn more »

Customer Intelligence

Expand the breadth of your channel services with Commander ™, a fast-to-market relationship building and lead generation solution.  Easily integrated into your enterprise systems, Commander™ gathers customer information, enables market segmentation and delivers a 1:1 personal experience.   Learn more »

Network & Asset Management

Take control of your channel with Commander™, a centralized management solution.  Make informed operations and procurement decisions with on-demand hardward, software and performance details.  Drive proactive change based on real time ATM level information and statistics. Learn more »

Self Service Experts

Phoenix sets the standard for best practices in the self-service industry. Your team benefits from our expertise in solution architecture, ATM security, customer experience and usability.  Differentiate your brand by leveraging our global market experience.  We get it and we’re on your team. Learn more »

Tomorrow Technology Today

Enable self-sufficiency with Developer Workbench™, a self-service development and test environment on your desktop.  Open architecture and modular design give you access to web application servers and data warehouses that enable rapid delivery of value-added services for your ATM customers.  You can have it today. You can have it tomorrow.  Migrate at your speed. Learn more »
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