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Pendum offers credit unions who are part of the CU Service Centers™ a new advantage with the NCR 3800. This self-service kiosk gives credit union members easy access to a full range of financial institution services and allows credit unions to inexpensively service Shared Branch guest members, members and ATM transactions.

A full array of transactions can be performed by “On-Us” Credit Union member and guest shared branching members from other Credit Unions that are part of the CU Service Centers™. These transactions include:

  • Cash withdrawals
  • Deposits of checks and/or cash 
  • Loan payments by cash or checks 
  • Loan advances in cash or by official check 
  • Funds transfers 
  • Balance inquiry 
  • Recent account history detail

Also, any ATM Debit card holder from any Financial Institution can perform standard ATM transactions including cash withdrawal, credit card advances, funds transfers and balance inquiry services.

The NCR 3800 Shared Branch Kiosk from Pendum offers a number of advantages over traditional ATM options, including

  • Up to a 50% reduction in deposit processing costs of image deposits vs. envelope based ATM deposits
  • Elimination of costly daily check sweeps at the branch and their traditional envelope based ATMs
  • Reduction of float
  • Potential elimination of significant upfront costs to purchase an Image Consolidation Server.

Products and Services

First and Second Line Maintenance

Pendum’s staff of over # experienced and certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough first line and second line maintenance services for NCR and other ATM manufacturer models. Learn more »

Teller Automation Services

Pendum has expanded branch products and services to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology, providing financial institutions with a cost-effective, efficient and secure method to handle cash. Learn more »

Kiosks and Surrounds

A full line of walk-up and drive-up kiosks for all makes and models of ATMs are available from Pendum. Learn more »

ATM Supplies

Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs. Learn more »

ATM Marketing

Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs. Learn more »

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