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Pendum specializes in keeping ATM networks up and running smoothly to build customer satisfaction and increase transaction revenue. Our maintenance technicians have a complete understanding of all ATM hardware and software applications, bringing years of experience and hundreds of hours of training to keep your ATMs in peak condition.
First Line Maintenance
First line services include unlimited routine support, provided seven days a week. To minimize downtime, inventories of supplies are maintained in our fleet of first line vehicles.
Second Line Maintenance
Whether we are repairing or replacing parts within the ATM and/or loading software, our second line service technicians are trained and certified on a wide variety of ATM models. Managed Services customers receive the benefit of having many out-of-scope calls included in our maintenance program, saving time and money.
Certified to Deliver Quality Service
While Pendum’s broad maintenance capabilities extend to all ATM makes and models, some manufacturers offer restricted access to the tools and information necessary to service their machines most effectively. Pendum is certified through NCR’s Authorized Sales and Service Provider (ASSP) program. As the largest worldwide reseller of NCR ATMs, Pendum may access the same NCR-authorized parts, diagnostic software tools and documentation, training programs, and other intellectual property used by NCR’s in-house service department. In short, Pendum’s ASSP certification means we are highly qualified to service NCR machines.
Advanced Technology
As the ATM network grows more advanced, so must the system that supports it. Pendum has invested in state-of-the-art infrastructure and operational technology to serve the critically emerging needs of the marketplace. A direct link from the ATM monitoring software to our customer service center alerts our dispatchers the moment an ATM goes down. And many times, we’ll fix the problem before you know it exists.
Moreover, customers have the flexibility to place their own service calls over the phone or online and can even track the status of tickets on the Web.
Cleaning and Refurbishment Services
Without regular attention, ATMs at branches or remote locations can become dirty and damaged. Similarly, branding signage or posted customer notices may become worn or destroyed by frequent use or weather factors. Pendum’s ATM Image Guard service helps maintain a clean, attractive and inviting setting for your customers to conduct ATM transactions. In partnership with ATA Services, Pendum also offers site audits, an online database with photos of each location, signage development and installation, monitoring for skimming devices and compliance of customer notices.
Compelling Signage
Attractive and visible signage draws customers to your ATM instead of the one next door. Our ATM Image Guard signage complies with government and financial network requirements. Our fee, funds availability, safety and Braille notices meet regulations. We maintain authorized logos on file for all major financial networks, including Visa, Star, NYCE and others. Our technicians can retro-fit sign frames in the field to create an entirely new look without the cost of replacing the entire sign structure.
Comprehensive Compliance Evaluations
Are your notices and network logos in compliance and properly displayed? Our ATM-trained technicians will visit each site in your network, assessing the site condition and compliance with network and regulatory requirements. We diagnose, photograph, and recommend immediate action where appropriate. We have completed signage surveys, ADA physical facility surveys, Braille adequacy assessments, lighting surveys and other custom requested evaluations. This data is delivered back to you using a Web database and detailed spreadsheet reports so you can make quick and cost-effective decisions about your ATMs.

Products and Services

Teller Automation Services

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Imaging Solutions

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Kiosks and Surrounds

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ATM Supplies

Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs. Learn more »

ATM Marketing

Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs. Learn more »

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