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Founded in 1981 as an ATM brokerage company with the goal of offering flexible ATM equipment solutions to financial institutions, Pendum has grown over the years to fill the industry’s need for a complete ATM services provider.
Having the right hardware solution your unique circumstances is one key to an ATM program’s financial success. NCR provides the broadest range of ATM equipment on the market, and we believe strongly in NCR’s line of Self Service ATM products basic cash dispensing units to more complex offerings such as deposit automation technology. So much so, that Pendum is NCR's largest Master Distributor.
Pendum is certified under NCR’s Authorized Sales and Service Provider (ASSP) program, giving us complete capabilities to install and service all NCR machines.
We also carry an extensive inventory of many new and pre-owned ATM makes and models, creating quicker turn-around times for urgent installments. And we don’t just service the machines we sell – our technicians are proficient in nearly every ATM make and model.
We offer flexible leasing programs for both on-premise and off-premise ATMs. And thanks to our trade-in program, your existing ATMs won’t go to waste when it’s time to upgrade to new technology. We buy back many models of ATMs, giving you more for your investment.
In addition to traditional ATM sales, we also offer a complete supply catalog, as well as kiosks and surrounds and ATM signage solutions to help you create the most appealing ATM environment for your customers. We’ll also work with you in providing site evaluations to help determine optimal placement. From single installations to network-wide rollouts, we offer the most advanced new and pre-owned ATM equipment on the market. We’ll help you choose the right equipment to meet your size, scope, and program goals.

Products and Services

First and Second Line Maintenance

Pendum’s staff of over # experienced and certified technicians are equipped to provide thorough first line and second line maintenance services for NCR and other ATM manufacturer models. Learn more »

Teller Automation Services

Pendum has expanded branch products and services to offer cash dispensing and cash recycling technology, providing financial institutions with a cost-effective, efficient and secure method to handle cash. Learn more »

Imaging Solutions

Pendum is leading the way in offering financial institutions the latest in ATM imaging solutions to provide a complete self-service experience and full-range of services. Learn more »

Kiosks and Surrounds

A full line of walk-up and drive-up kiosks for all makes and models of ATMs are available from Pendum. Learn more »

ATM Supplies

Pendum offers high quality ATM supply products at cost efficient rates for standard or customized needs. Learn more »

ATM Marketing

Pendum provides you with custom campaigns designed for NCR ATMs. Learn more »

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