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Conduct comprehensive QA and regression tests that run with point-and-click ease with FASTest™ (change hyperlink to Accelerate testing of over 100 message formats including EFT switches, credit or debit card processors, POS devices, ATMs or your host application.

  • Use off-the-shelf tests or build-your-own. Data groups include STAR ISO, NYCE, SHAZAM, Visa, MasterCard, BASE 24, eFunds, NCR, Diebold, Wincor and over 90 other message formats. 
  • Easily manipulate fields, messages, or transaction sequences. 
  • Thorough testing of all message types-including EMV. 
  • Dynamic responses to messages. 
  • Wizards simplify data entry of complex fields. 
  • Easy import of production system transactions. 
  • Freedom from bitmap calculations. 
  • Offline testing for switch pre-certification. 
  • Fast, flexible test construction. 
  • Automated, verifiable results. Easy testing of valid and invalid data.


Products and Services

EMV and Payments Online Training Classes from Paragon Application Systems

These series of free online training courses are appropriate for anyone desiring to build a base level of knowledge about EMV or Payments. Learn more »

Stress Testing Software - FASTress™

Accurately measure transaction capacity with functional and performance testing Learn more »

ATM Configuration and Testing Software - ATMulator™ Plus

Integrated ATM simulation, testing and configuration file maintenance software Learn more »

ATM Testing On-Demand Worldwide - Web FASTest™

Web-enabled QA, regression, and development testing available 24/7 to remote users worldwide Learn more »

ATM Configuration Software - ConfigBuilder™

ATM configuration file development and testing software Learn more »
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