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What is Managed Services? In a nutshell, it’s a combination of smart people, intelligent processes and cutting edge technology working seamlessly together to give you the business outcomes you need.

Do you want to keep the software on your ATM update to date? Our software distribution service will update your security packages, software updates and even push marketing campaigns to your ATMs.

Do you want to optimize the cash in your ATMs? Our currency management offer optimizes the cash in your ATMs, branches and vaults and makes sure you have the maximum return on your cash investment.

Do you want a single point of contact for event monitoring and call management of your ATM environment? NCR’s Incident Management services provides you a single point of contact for ATM management, event monitoring and call management.

Do you want to monitor the physical security of your ATMs? Our 10 Point Security check can provide you a dashboard view of the physical security of your ATM fleet at a glance.

Letting NCR handle these functions for you lets you…

  • Focus on core competencies
  • Have one point of contact
  • Lower your risk
  • Save money and time


NCR managed services: we’ll do it for you!

Learn more about our services, processes and technology and specifically how we can help you, then contact our Managed Services experts.

We’re happy to do a personalized business impact model to show you how we can help.

Products and Services


The world’s leading financial self-service software portfolio. Learn more »

NCR Multi-Function ATMs

Offering deposit-based transactions and cash recycling, NCR enables you to provide the maximum range of banking services now and in the future.  Learn more »

NCR Cash Dispenser ATMs

Give your customers cash – when and where they need it. No matter what you needs we have the right ATMs to suit your business objectives.  Learn more »

NCR Secure

Protect your ATMs from the most common and costly attacks.   Learn more »

NCR Cash Management Solutions

Reduce your operating balance, transportation costs, your emergency transport costs and out of cash events.  Learn more »
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