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Attacks on ATMs and on banking infrastructure continue to occur.   

  • $12 Billion on global credit card fraud
  • $2.4 Billion in global credit card skimming losses
  • Over 1.2 billion data records breached over the past decade
  • $100 million in overall check fraud

Financial institutions continue to face increase costs and pressure to remain complaint with government and industry mandates and regulations.

Losses from ATM attacks alone can equal $1,000 per year for every ATM deployed.

There are some regional variations to these attacks, but we are seeing these attacks occur in all regions.  As the fleet of installed ATMs age, they will become increasingly vulnerable to attack.  

NCR can help you protect your investment, your brand, and your customers with NCR Secure - a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services.  Learn more>>

Security is not an option, and NCR strongly recommends deployment of a layered and holistic deployment of security solutions to provide the best level of protection to your investment and operations.  Learn more>>

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The world’s leading financial self-service software portfolio. Learn more »

NCR Multi-Function ATMs

Offering deposit-based transactions and cash recycling, NCR enables you to provide the maximum range of banking services now and in the future.  Learn more »

NCR Cash Dispenser ATMs

Give your customers cash – when and where they need it. No matter what you needs we have the right ATMs to suit your business objectives.  Learn more »

NCR Cash Management Solutions

Reduce your operating balance, transportation costs, your emergency transport costs and out of cash events.  Learn more »

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The industry-leading provider of self-service channel operations management  Learn more »

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