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The ATM remains the number one point of connection between a bank and its customers. The NCR APTRA Suite features the world’s most popular and reliable multivendor ATM applications, delivering billions of secure transactions every year around the world on both NCR as well as other brands of ATMs.

The scale of deployment and global presence that come with being the global number one ATM manufacturer are important, as they accelerate the stability and maturity of solutions. NCR’s leading position ensures that deployers can always maintain the best possible balance of high availability and operational efficiency, whether operating in NDC or alternative environments.

The NCR APTRA Suite contains technology that is ready for cloud-based service delivery, leading you toward the most efficient use of valuable software and infrastructure assets. Our policy of evolution, rather than revolution, provides secure direction and thought leadership in a rapidly changing environment.


 NCR APTRA Activate     

NCR APTRA Activate
Designed for complex multichannel enterprises, it is an open solution that offers true integration of the self-service channel with your current infrastructure. Learn more >>

 NCR APTRA Advance NDC  

The world’s most popular self-service software for NDC host environments. Based on industry standards, it enables you to drive a single application across multiple vendors’ hardware, providing many transactions ‘out-of-the-box’ and a platform for the rapid deployment of new functionality. 
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 NCR APTRA Vision   NCR APTRA Vision
 A multi-vendor self-service management system that puts operational performance into context with what really counts—consumer experience. With a complete and accurate view of your self-service network, APTRA Vision will help you to successfully manage your business and plan for future development.  Learn more >>

 Marketing and CRM  

Marketing and CRM
Deepen customer relationships through CRM at the ATM/Kiosk resulting in customer loyalty, cost savings and revenue generation. Learn more >>


Products and Services

NCR Multi-Function ATMs

Offering deposit-based transactions and cash recycling, NCR enables you to provide the maximum range of banking services now and in the future.  Learn more »

NCR Cash Dispenser ATMs

Give your customers cash – when and where they need it. No matter what you needs we have the right ATMs to suit your business objectives.  Learn more »

NCR Secure

Protect your ATMs from the most common and costly attacks.   Learn more »

NCR Cash Management Solutions

Reduce your operating balance, transportation costs, your emergency transport costs and out of cash events.  Learn more »

NCR Managed Services

The industry-leading provider of self-service channel operations management  Learn more »

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