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Behind every transaction is a world of activity. And at NCR we understand that managing cash can be complex. NCR solutions manage cash for over 200,000 branches, ATMs, commercial customers, vaults and cash centers. After 20 years’ experience across six continents our solutions have seen pretty much every way a network can be run. If you have a process, constraint or policy, we have a configuration parameter and option to match it. With presence in more countries than any other industry supplier, we also have an experienced professional services consultant in your area who knows your business and can configure it for you.

We will reduce your operating balance, transportation costs, your emergency transport costs and out of cash events. Our customers typically save US$1,000 per ATM, US$2,000 per branch and vaults depending on size can reduce costs by over US$500k per year.

Our solutions include cash optimization technology with real-time data feeds reconciling the complexity, evaluating multiple strategies and selecting the smartest and lowest cost replenishment strategy for every cash order, for every cashpoint in the network every day.

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The world’s leading financial self-service software portfolio. Learn more »

NCR Multi-Function ATMs

Offering deposit-based transactions and cash recycling, NCR enables you to provide the maximum range of banking services now and in the future.  Learn more »

NCR Cash Dispenser ATMs

Give your customers cash – when and where they need it. No matter what you needs we have the right ATMs to suit your business objectives.  Learn more »

NCR Secure

Protect your ATMs from the most common and costly attacks.   Learn more »

NCR Managed Services

The industry-leading provider of self-service channel operations management  Learn more »

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