iPadMagTek’s IPAD prevents personal cardholder data breaches without compromising the speed and convenience of cardholders’ financial transactions. The most comprehensive, end-to-end security solution available, IPAD immediately encrypts data at the point of swipe so sensitive customer information is never "in the clear." And using MagTek®'s advanced MagneSafe™ security features, ATM, debit, credit, gift cards and more are authenticated using MagnePrint®, a dynamically generated digital identifier already part of the magnetic stripe card used to render any counterfeit or cloned cards useless.

With IPAD, encryption takes place within an encapsulated magnetic read head as the card is swiped.  As a result, the data is never "in the clear.” IPAD's data encryption scheme uses industry standard Triple DES and AES giving you the flexibility to manage decryption services yourself or via an outsourcing service, without the risk imposed by unproven, proprietary encryption algorithms. IPAD uses a 32bit security processor and has flexible data formatting and masking capabilities for maintaining compatibility with existing software.

The IPAD is a multi functional handheld POS terminal with keypad input, graphics display output on a 128x64 pixel screen, and magnetic card stripe reading with the included MagneSafe SCRA peripheral.  The product is built around a secure, low powered SOC featuring a 96 MHz MIPS32 4KSD RISC processor with included RAM and Flash memory, USB 2.0 full speed connectivity, real-time clock, and battery-powered security protections. Optional keyboard emulation interface to facilitate ease of integration.

IPAD also supports secure remote key injection eliminating the need to return the unit in the event a new key is required.

Products and Services

Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet

Qwick Codes converts your static card data to secure, one-time use Qwick Codes which can be redeemed for actual card swipe data online, in store, even at the ATM. Learn more »

iDynamo Secure Card Reader Authenticator

The iDynamo lets mobile merchants accept secure card present payments anytime, anywhere.  It encrypts at point of swipe, providing maximum data security for mobile payments. Learn more »

BulleT wireless secure card reader authenticator

The BulleT is a wireless secure card reader authenticator.  It is easy to operate, rugged and offers a Bluetooth wireless interface. Plus it provides maximum security protection for your mobile payment needs by leveraging the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture (MSA). Learn more »

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