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KAL’s KTC is a server solution that provides an extensive range of integrated ATM management features that would otherwise require a number of separate systems.

KTC is an enterprise-wide total solution for securely managing networks of ATM and Kiosk systems of all sizes. KTC includes a comprehensive set of integrated features that provide complete remote control over self-service systems and ensures that the systems are always up-to-date and available.

KTC is unique in that there is a direct connection from the remote terminals to KTC. Information flows in real-time so that KTC has a complete and accurate view of exactly what is happening at all times – and immediate action can be taken when necessary.


  • Maximizes availability by providing a complete view of the operational status of every device and component on the network and being able to reset, restore and update them when needed.
  • Reduces operational costs by eliminating all unnecessary site visits by maintenance staff. Remote diagnostics identify problems quickly and cost efficiently and in a high percentage of cases results in problem resolution without the need to dispatch expensive technicians to site.
  • Increases your competitive advantage by being able to remotely and immediately update your entire network with new software updates.
  • Maintains the security and integrity of the network by automatically distributing and installing security patches, as well as operating system and application updates.
  • Improves your customer’s ATM experience with support for customer preferences.
  • Delivers numerous operational improvements including automated retrieval and storage of Electronic Journal files.
  • Enables complete control over virtually every aspect of the ATM system including, scheduling of remote software installation, activation of updated advertising and, upload of informational files from the ATM.

Products and Services

KAL Kalignite NDC

A plug-and-play solution that upgrades your NDC network to the newest generation of multi-vendor NDC technology without requiring any changes to the NDC Host Learn more »

KAL Kalignite EMV Kernel

A subsystem that extends the Kalignite Software Platform Learn more »

KAL Advanced Functionality ATM Solutions

KAL’s world-leading ATM Software suite supports a huge number of ATM models from over 40 manufacturers; plus a large variety of self-service hardware devices.   Learn more »

KAL ATM Advertising/ CRM Solutions

KAL’s ATM Software suite is truly milt-vendor, allowing it to dramatically enrich a bank’s ATM end user experience.   Learn more »

KAL Banking/ Financial Solutions

The Kalignite Software Platform provides a rich application development and runtime environment for all Banking and Financial ATMs, Kiosks, and Branch delivery channels. Learn more »

KAL Bill Pay Solutions

KAL’s best-of-breed ATM Software suite supports all of the features required for complete bill payment system including support for cash and check acceptance, card reader handling for debit and credit cards, receipt printing and other features critical for a best-in-class bill payment system. Learn more »

KAL Check 21 Solutions

K3A provides a full set of pre-built and certified ATM transactions including check deposits with imaging and document handling support for Check21. KAL NDC then provides the comprehensive support necessary to delivery Check 21 functionality. Learn more »

KAL Check Cashing Solutions

KAL’s industry leading K3A includes a powerful, easy-to-use, graphical and fully integrated ATM application development environment for developing new applications like Check Cashing. Learn more »

KAL EMV Compliance Solutions

KAL’s world leading ATM Software solutions are fully EMV compliant. The Kalignite EMV Kernel runs on the Kalignite Software Platform and provides a fast and reliable method of adding EMV Level 2 capability to an XFS compliant application. Learn more »

KAL Financial Institution ATM Solutions

KAL’s world-leading ATM Software suite supports an extensive range of hardware capabilities valuable to any Financial Institution.   Learn more »

KAL Kiosks/ Self Service Solutions

The Kalignite Software Suite supports a huge number of Kiosk / Self-Service hardware devices with an extensive range of capabilities. Learn more »

KAL Remote Management Solutions

The Kalignite Terminal Controller is KAL’s flagship remote management solution for ATM networks.   Learn more »

KAL Security Solutions

The Kalignite Software Platform supports all of the latest ATM and self-service security technologies including smartcards, finger vein recognition (FVR) technology and many others. Learn more »

KAL Software

KAL is the world’s leading ATM software company and allows banks to take back control of their ATM networks.   Learn more »

KAL Transaction Processing Solutions

K3A supports all of the features for a complete transaction processing system, including support for cash and check acceptance, card reader handling for debit and credit cards, receipt printing and other features critical for a best-in-class transaction processing system. Learn more »

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