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CDM6240-Spray cash dispenser
The spray cash dispenser CDM6240, is a high security, large capacity and intelligent CDM for retail ATM, ticket vending machine and other self-service application. It has integrated numbers of world advanced dispensing technologies, and offers high and stable performance at a very low total cost of ownership.





CDM6240s-Spray cash dispenser
The spray cash dispenser CDM6240s of which GRGBanking possesses full independent intellectual property rights is a simplified version of the spray cash dispenser CDM6240 with lower dispensing speed and maximum 3 cassettes. It is designed for low-end, low-transaction retail and non-banking sectors, but offers the same functionalities and high performance as CDM6240 while the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.



CDM 8240


CDM 8240-Bundle cash dispenser
The CDM 8240 is cash bundle dispensing module. It combines advanced functionalities with low cost of ownership and ease of maintenance due to a modular design. The ideal high quality dispenser for ATMs and other self-service applications.





BA-15BA-15-Single note Acceptor
Single note Acceptor BA-15 is designed to automatically identify the currency type, denomination and note authenticity with temporary storage and cash deposit. Reliable note control and space-efficient size facilitates its application in utility payment machine, ticket vending machine, prepaid card topping machine, automatic payment system, automatic toll collection machine, cash exchange and ATMs with deposit functions etc.




CAM 8340-Bundle cash acceptorCAM 8340
The High-speed cash accepting module is in the right choice for depositing machines. It supports various banknote currency types and denominations and additionally provides state of the art functions like serial number scanning. Because of its high reliability, availability and ease of maintenance it is mainly applied in high speed and amount of banknotes environments like back offices and cash centers.




CRM  9250 CRM  9250 -Cash recycling module
The  CRM  9250 intelligent cash recycler is designed to provide the highest and uptime in the market with a minimum  in  maintenance needs.  It  is supporting 64 denominations at one time with high validating speed and offering up to 4 recycling cassettes plus one multifunctional  acceptance  cassette.  OCR  technology enables to record and recognize note’s serial number to make transactions more secure and to avoid any disputes. Our intelligent cash cassette swapping solution can   reduce the cash handling cost and improve inefficiency. Module design and off-line diagnosis system make the maintenance easy. 

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