Checker ATM Security is the first ever security product custom designed for financial self-service platforms. checker enables centralized administration and monitoring of ATM’s security, including control of running applications, local and remote resources access (such as files, USB sticks or cash dispenser) and filters inbound and outbound communications. By means of this cast-iron control checker assures a high-security ATM environment, cuts off at source any infections caused by malware (virus, Trojans,…), restricts access to sensitive information and prevents any malicious software from being entered or run on any sensitive resources of the ATM.

Checker incorporates unique HARD DISK ENCRYPTION being the first multivendor ATM security product that provides full hard disk encryption capabilities specifically adapted to ATMs. Maintaining the correct balance between security and availability is the essence in ATM-specific security products such as GMV’s checker, which features FHDE and uses so-called Smart Environment Detection technology. It combines ATM hardware information, network authentication and threshold encryption to ensure secure, reliable ATM booting from the encrypted disk. Once the boot process has started, the usual whitelist/firewall/device protection technology ensures the integrity of the ATM processes.

The introduction of Microsoft Windows operating systems in ATMs and the use of IP networks as communication mechanisms have resulted in higher security risks due to the vulnerabilities common to open systems. Current threats range from access to stored sensitive transaction data to software manipulation, resulting in fraud and ATM unavailability. checker mitigates these risks in a simple and effective way, creating a secure communication and execution environment, managed and monitored from a central location with negligible impact in operations.
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