Former employees of the major bank equipment manufacturers originally formed NIBESA (National Independent Bank Equipment & Systems Association) in 1973. The association wanted to give financial institutions an alternative to buying only from the large, "major" equipment suppliers. The name was changed 3 years ago, and, FSPA (Financial & Security Products Association) has grown from approximately 12 companies in 1973 to 300 companies in 2006."

Our members represent multiple manufacturers and sources for products for all types of bank equipment including:

  1. ATM Sales and Service
  2. Electronic security equipment, sales and service
  3. Vaults and Physical Security Products
  4. Video, Alarm, and Access Control Systems
  5. Modular Financial and ATM Buildings and Kiosks
  6. Drive-Up Pneumatic Tube Systems
  7. Parts and Supplies for all types of bank equipment
  8. Bank Equipment and Security Consulting.

Our members are true "single sources" to financial institutions, as they can not only provide products, but installation and on-going service after the warranty period as well. Call FSPA at 800-843-6082 to discuss any of your requirements and a member in your area will be referred to you to set-up an on-site appointment.