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"How much money are you leaving on the table due to an inferior monitoring and management system?"

"ESQ helps you monitor and manage every aspect of your business.  From machine performance through every step of the transaction ESQ is there for you ensuring that the money keeps moving right to your bottom line."

"Some of the biggest banks in the world rely on ESQ to make sure their ATM networks run at top performance, shouldn’t you?"

"ESQ is designed to fit your business!"

Headquartered at California, USA and with offices in UK, Mexico, France and India, ESQ is a global leader in IT Performance Managment.  We cater to industry leading firms spread across major verticals including several Fortune 500 companies.

At a time when the translation of investments into concrete gains is the most important goal, ESQ acts as an enabler, guiding enterprises to achieve maximum performance by providing, supplementing and reconfiguring their IT assets to deliver financial and strategic end results which can be perceptibly measured.

Core business needs will never take a backseat due to infrastructural inadequacies. Our tailor made solutions and inventive approach towards better management of your business transactions ensure the highest possible system availability and uptime. In a nutshell, our products and services guarantee higher returns and better customer satisfaction in a highly cost effective manner by synergizing IT and business strategies.

A true technology veteran, ESQ has been consistently developing and delivering high quality solutions for over two decades. We provide end to end solutions for the ATM line of business including varied assortments like. Operation Business Intelligence, ATM Network Management, Transaction management, System integration, Performance & System management.

Imagine key managers having access to time sensitive, critical transactional data presented intelligently, specific to their role and function.  

ESQ harnesses technology and manages it as part of the business process.  IT becomes managed by business objectives; performance is optimized; profitability enhanced.

  • Continuous and real-time monitoring of ATM transactions
  • Live Report Groups offer instant snapshots of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) 
  • Customizable policies and views based on business needs 
  • Optimize you business by identifying transaction channel activity 
  • Real-time calculation of transaction times 
  • Real-time response code analysis 
  • Complete breakdown by FIID, Issuer and Acquirer, etc, for Transaction time and volume 
  • Identify traffic on all resource nodes defined in the targeted logical network 
  • Replay facility to browse historical transaction statistical data 
  • Pre-defined reports on Transaction Activity and Response Times 
  • Reduce cost of operations by detecting problems before they occur 
  • Supports ACI BASE24 (Classic/EPS), CONNEX or Postillion environments or any other transaction platforms

Products and Services


The OPERATIONSBRIDGE (OB) monitors and manages the ATM device state across the ATM network in near real time. The OB provides critical performance intelligence resulting in enhanced root cause problem analysis and resolution. The OPERATIONSBRIDGE is specially designed to provide an across-the-board solution for managing Problem, Change and Asset Monitoring in your ATM environment. Learn more »

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