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Preventing EMV Card Fraud by Using Real-Time Fraud-Detection Technology

Migrating to EMV alone doesn't eliminate the problem of payment fraud. Issuers and acquirers need to deploy a comprehensive multichannel payment fraud-prevention solution that performs security checks for all transactions in real time.

How Banks Can Prevent Fraud by Using Holistic Analytical Technology

Banks can improve their ATM and branch security by using dynamic fraud-prevention technology, which provides a holistic view of threats by linking and analyzing fraud incidents.

How ATM Campaign Management Solutions Lead to Successful Marketing Strategies

ATM networks empowered with a robust solution can deliver powerful customized messages.

Three Ways Virtualization Can Benefit Self-Service Devices

ATM network technology has advanced to support cloud computing, enhancing efficiency and security.

Three Benefits of the Multivendor Approach for Device Management in Bank Branches

For FIs purchasing software and the hardware separately, the multivendor approach offers independence, architecture flexibility and cost savings in terms of device, location and platform.

PCI DSS Compliance for ATM Networks in Latin America

As electronic payments in the region grow, it’s important for ATM deployers to work with middleware providers who can help ensure safety measures are being met.

Three Benefits of a Multivendor Self-Service Software Solution

New software resulting in reduced costs, improved efficiency and increased security are allowing FIs to effectively integrate ATMs with other channels.

Remote Monitoring Allows ATM Operators to Take Control of Networks

Control, efficiency and security are among the top reasons financial institutions adopt a remote management solution. Choosing the right software can help save money and time.

Dynasty Technology Sermepa Checker ATM Security Success Story

SERMEPA, a company providing technological, communications and R&D; solutions to the payment industry, was interested in protecting its ATMs network new software platform through a flexible but trustful solution that could cover their security needs. With the security solution CHECKER...

Self-Service Software Challenges in Latin America

Self-service financial technology is spreading across Latin America, especially as the middle class grows. For banks to offer advanced functionality in their ATMs, a multivendor software solution can help. Multivendor software solutions offer scalability, security and remote management.

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