CUSTOM Group is a group of private paid-in capital companies that has set itself the goal of development and production of products and printing solutions for the vertical markets and the services automation.
The Group includes today nearly 280 employees.

CUSTOM Group invests 5/10% of the value of its annual production in the Research and Development on new products and new technologies. Each strategic component forming a product or a solution – starting from the design, electronic engineering, software development, drivers and applications – is developed In-House.
50% of resources are used in technical activities: R&D, certification, testing, quality, technical support.
The Know How acquired enables CUSTOM Group to create products and solutions tailored to customers’ requests (“on demand”).
CUSTOM Group has 10 technological invention patents for printers and scanners; since 1998 it has been awarded with the Quality certifications, and since 2003 the VISION 2000 model (ISO 9000:2000); it is also MURST certified (research laboratory) and it has been awarded with following product certifications:
All products are in compliance with RoHS directives

These in short the activities of the Group's companies:
CUSTOM ENGINEERING : development of printing mechanisms, printers and systems for
vertical markets as OEM, POS, TKT
SYSTEM RETAIL : development of Software solutions for Retail&Supermarket
SYSTEM GAMING : development of terminals and softwares for lottery and betting
FASY : development of printers and cash registers for the point of sale market
CPE : production for all the Companies of the Group
In particular CUSTOM ENGINEERING , with his complete range of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, is the leader producer of printing mechanisms and modules,  OEM printers for kiosks and ATM's, OEM Scanners, panel printers, accessories like control cards, cutters, card readers, power supply, monitors.
CUSTOM Group provides solutions where machine, operator and user, will be more and more in connection each other!
The point of sales, shops and supermarkets,
the betting and lottery shops,
the self service and info kiosks,
the box and ticket offices
will give a unique opportunity to meet Customers, to communicate with them, to understand their needs in order to propose new solutions and services!
These are the new challenges that all market players will face!

Products and Services

CUSTOM's TG2460II - Small Ticket Dispenser

Custom's small kiosk printer with 60mm paper width, USB interface, available special version with patented tear off system and chromium-plated bezel. Learn more »
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