BankWorld ATM Manager
A monitoring tool with a rich graphical user interface that provides operations staff with complete visibility of the entire ATM network. 

BankWorld ATM Gateway Monitor Tool
A tool for monitoring the “not-on-us” ATM traffic flows for the various connected networks. 

BankWorld ATM System Monitor
A web-based tool for monitoring transactional traffic flows through the ATM switch.
BankWorld ATM SMS AlertsA system which uses SMS messages to automatically notify ATM support staff of problems in the ATM network, such as when an ATM goes out of service.

BankWorld ATM Support Tool
Enables IT staff to remotely diagnose a fault in an ATM by providing access to all of the information required for problem diagnosis and resolution. 

BankWorld ATM Distributor
Allows IT staff to centrally manage the distribution of software and branding updates to the bank’s ATM network and the regular collection of electronic journals from ATMs.

BankWorld ATM Custodian Tool
Designed specifically for non-technical branch staff who are responsible for operating ATMs, provides up-to-date information on an ATM’s cash levels and consumables (such as envelopes and paper rolls). The tool also reports any device faults that are impacting on the operation of the ATM.

BankWorld ATM Cash Position Tool
Enables cash management staff to see the real-time cash position for all ATMs across the entire network.

BankWorld ATM Studio
A powerful design tool that the marketing team can use to create and rapidly deploy content-rich branding to the ATM network.

BankWorld ATM Camera Support 
This module for BankWorld ATM Client supports the operation of surveillance cameras on the ATM.

Products and Services

BankWorld ATM

BankWorld ATM is a powerful suite of solutions including an ATM switch, ATM management, segmentation capabilities, screen design, monitoring and support tools. Learn more »

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BankWorld Mobile

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CR2’s CardWorld is a complete end-to-end card payment, management and processing system. Learn more »

CardWorld Fraudtrap

CardWorld FraudTRAP is a real-time monitoring system that enables the bank to identify and prevent fraudulent activity on bank-issued cards. Learn more »

BankWorld POS

A point of sale acquiring and payment system Learn more »

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