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At Contour, we listen to our customers and respond with solutions that make their businesses better.  In the ATM market, we hear the same three needs most often:
Price.  Ours are the best in the industry.  Other providers may try to confuse you with subsidies on equipment that raise their monthly fees substantially. Contour gives you the best prices available for the highest quality cellular routers and offers you three choices for our service:

  • Monthly pay, with or without a term contract, or
  • Telecom Battery is a pre-bought service that lowers your costs, includes no monthly fees, lasts for up to 3 years, and ensures no overage charges
  • Custom plans that we can create for your specific needs

Security.  You are in the ATM business, not the network security business.  Contour handles that for you.  From a security perspective, with our PCI Certified Private Network, you are getting the wireless equivalent of a leased landline. That means that, unlike a VPN, which uses the Internet to carry your transactions, your transactions will never touch a public network.  Contour also supports VPN service if that is your preference.

Customer Service.  It is the most important part of our business. From initial deployment, through day-to-day management, and, on occasion with troubleshooting, Contour is here to help you with services that meet all your connectivity needs.

  • Nationwide coverage with multiple CDMA carriers
  • International coverage in selected markets (please contact us for more information)
  • Cellular routers from industry leading manufacturers that support both dial and IP connections
  • Management systems for your cellular equipment
  • Monitoring and alerting for out-of-service and data volume oversight
  • Public or Private static IP addresses that will make management of your ATMs easy
  • Portal services for billing and ATM location management
  • 24X7X365 Customer Service with guaranteed call-back times

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