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ACG offers customized cash counting solutions that enable large amounts of cash — both coins and bills — to be counted extremely accurately and very quickly on the same platform.  These solutions free up your Tellers to concentrate on your most important assets — your customers!

Our Cash Management products will transform your Tellers from “Money Counters” to “Referral Generators”.  They will enhance the efficiency of your branch and boost your bottom line by:

  • Increasing Referrals
  • Improving Security:    
  • Improving Revenue: “Short” coin rolls are eliminated!
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
  • Improving Teller Satisfaction: Provides Tellers with a great tool for boosting productivity and efficiency!

Visit us at ACG to request a quote for a cash counting system today!


Products and Services

LED Light Panels for ATMs

Let the Light In with ACG’s LED Light Panels for NCR 5886 Walk-Up and Drive-Up ATMs. Save money, increase light, enhance convenience…Make the Switch! Learn more »

ATM Parts

ACG has the largest inventory of ATM parts in the United States from the industry’s leading manufacturers.  This means that we minimize ATM downtime, by delivering the parts you need as soon as you need them! Learn more »

Physical & Electronic Security

ACG offers a wide range of affordable physical and electronic security solutions to reduce your risk and improve security. Learn more »

ATM Canopies & Buildings

ACG’s diverse product offering of ATM Canopies, Buildings, Kiosks, Surrounds, and Backdrops help to protect your ATM while refreshing your brand image. Learn more »

ATM Cassettes

ACG offers a large selection of ATM Cassettes from leading ATM manufacturers. Learn more »

ATM Consumables & Supplies

From receipt paper to printer ribbon, ACG has every consumable product that you need to keep your ATM running! Learn more »

ATM Compliance & Performance Solutions

ACG offers a variety of solutions to upgrade your ATM system to a higher compliance and performance level. Learn more »
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ACG | Industry Leading Quality, Service & Solutions

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