The DPL Group is a leading edge ATM Wireless, ATM Dial/IP, ATM IP/IP Connectivity, GPS Fleet Monitoring Systems Manufacturer and Distributor.

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Signal Strength Modules (Press Release)

The DPL Group is pleased to announce that they will now be including a Signal Strength Module in the box with each Hercules Plus that they sell.

ATM Transactions Made Easy at South by Southwest Festival

Wireless solution increased ATM transactions and uptime at popular SXSW event.

An exhibition of 'power': ATMIA previews conference exhibitors

More than 70 booths will feature the latest product lineups and strategies from industry-leading vendors.

The DPL Group and KORE partner to offer remote ATM services

KORE Telematics, a digital wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine communications, today announced that it has partnered with automation solutions provider The DPL Group to provide wireless connectivity options that will enhance geographic coverage and operating efficiencies for the ATM...

The DPL Group Hercules Plus User’s Manual

The DPL Group Hercules Plus User’s Manual. Extended Service, 2 Way Wireless ATM Communications.

The DPL Group ATM600 User’s Manual

The DPL Group ATM600 User’s Manual. Two-Way IP Communications Unit with Modem (Optional Anti-Theft Reporting and AC-Disconnect Feature)

The DPL Group decreases monthly U.S. CDMA rates (Press Release)

The DPL Group wishes to advise that we are decreasing U.S. CDMA monthly messaging costs.

Free “over the network” EMV upgrades (Press Release)

Free “over the network” EMV upgrades

Three Reasons to Incorporate Dual Connectivity into an ATM

Adding an additional connectivity option to an ATM can help ensure flexibility, maximize uptime and increase customer confidence.

New Canadian Hercules Plus Price Rollout Announcement

New Canadian Hercules Plus Price Rollout Announcement

The DPL Group Announces its CDMA ATM Wireless Networking Solution

With a solid base of GSM/GPRS and IP connectivity products, The DPL Group is now pleased to begin supporting customers on the CDMA cellular network.

ATM service company launches new website

The DPL Group, which specializes in network solutions for ATMs, has redesigned its website. "We finally believe that we have come up with a website that better explains our capabilities in the marketplace and with it, the hopes that we...

Wireless Connectivity Key to Increased Profits, Security

Access to Money wanted a reliable and affordable way to reduce installation and operational costs associated with landlines, while also increasing flexibility for machine placement and enhancing security. A wireless solution from the DPL Group was the answer.

The Hercules Plus

When crime does strike, many ATM alerts fail because they are tied to landline communications. If the line is cut, alerts don’t go out. That’s where wireless connectivity comes in to play. Wireless ATMs operate through cellular communications, so even if a landline is severed, ATM security alerts aren’t compromised.

ATMIA focuses on ATM industry renewal

Legislation, new revenue sources take center stage.

Chungho Canada signs with DPL for wireless-ATM solution

SAINT JOHN, New Brunswick - Chungho Canada Inc. has signed with The DPL Group to sell DPL's Hercules+ wireless modem with its ATMs.

WRG looks to '07 as year of change

The company that made its mark as a distributor-friendly ATM manufacturer and transaction processor is growing ... and change is on the way.

WHITE PAPER: Two-way cellular communication makes ATMs more secure

ATM security is under attack because of an increase in the number of ram raids impacting the industry. ATM owners and operators can protect their fleets with the strength of DPL's Hercules Plus Wireless for ATM product.

DPL Group's Hercules+ receives certification

ST. JOHN, New Brunswick - Calypso Canada Ltd.

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