Paragon Application Systems provides software testing solutions to test the reliability and integrity of electronic payment systems.

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Managing Financial Network Mandate Testing

An old adage says “Nothing is certain but death and taxes,” but for testers in the financial industry, net-work mandates are just as inevitable-however, they need not be as unwelcome. Careful planning can make creating test plans for network mandates more efficient and less stressful.

Electronic Payments Testing: A Testing Terminology Primer

Unit testing, integrated testing, functional testing, regression testing, system testing, acceptance testing-how do all of these terms relate to electronic payments testing?

It's Not About the Clicks: Understanding the Other 90% of ePayments Testing Activity

When organizations think about how to improve their testing, all too often they focus on the “clicks”-or how to programmatically accomplish what is perceived as the push-button process of ePayments testing.

Beyond Cards and Terminals: Considerations for Testing Host-to-Host EMV Processing

Most EMV testing focuses on cards and terminals. Card and terminal functionality is critical, but verifying your EMV implementation also means testing changes related to your host processing and transaction message flow. What are these “host-to-host” changes related to EMV transaction processing?

Playing the Numbers: Assigning EFT Testing Priorities

No organization can test everything. So how do you make intelligent decisions about which tests to include in your EFT regression testing? How do you create a test plan that makes the most of your test resources? This article offers one approach to categorizing and prioritizing your regression testing of electronic payments.

How End-to-End Payment Systems Testing Really Ends:

Do end-to-end test plans end too soon? Perhaps-if they do not include meaningful performance and stress testing. Perceived as expensive and difficult to execute, performance testing and stress testing are often eliminated from the test schedule in favor of other test options.

EMV Card Fraud: Can Your Fraud Detection System Identify Suspect Chip Card Transactions?

While EMV (chip) cards offer increased security and significant reduction of fraud, chip-and-PIN technology cannot eliminate EMV card fraud entirely. As an EMV card issuer, you must test your fraud detection system to ensure that when suspicious chip card transactions occur, they are promptly identified.

New video provides easy-to-follow overview of US common debit AID

The video explains how US common debit AIDs facilitate debit transactions and ensure compliance with the Durbin Amendment.

Forum answers FAQs about US common debit AIDs at ATMs

'Implementing EMV at the ATM: Requirements and Recommendations for the U.S. ATM Community' answers questions about US common debit AIDs.

Testing for the unexpected: Is the unexpected really unexpected?

Executing every test in a test script for every feature in a 10-year-old ATM system is impractical. So how do you maintain the integrity of your configuration?

Paragon team members earn Visa EMV accreditation

The program was developed to fill a need for qualified consultants to assist payment issuers and acquirers with Visa EMV implementation.

Celebrating 21 Years in Payments Testing and Still Getting “Carded” (Press Release)

Independent ePayment Testing Solutions Provider Paragon Application Systems Celebrates 21 Years in Business

EMV Migration Forum publishes paper on EMV PIN change at ATM

'Implementing EMV at the ATM: PIN Change at the ATM,' provides guidance for deployers thinking about adding the facility for PIN change at the ATM.

Learn from Payment Testing Pros on New Site (Press Release)

Introducing    A forum for the latest developments in ePayment Testing The one constant in the ePayment industry is change. Keeping up with changes in the Payments landscape today is a challenge.

Paragon Champions Shift from Quarterly Software Releases to Continuous Software Delivery (Press Release)

Paragon develops ePayment testing solutions to facilitate Continuous Software Delivery for customers and engages Jim Tomaney to provide expertise on refreshing system life cycles and developing business in EMEA (Holly Springs, NC—September 29, 2014) Paragon Application Systems, an independent, global...

Discover certifies FasTest solution for D-PAS issuer, acquirer testing

Discover has extended D-Payment Application qualification to the FasTest host testing solution from Paragon Application Systems, the company announced in a press release. Acquirers and issuers certifying their transaction processing with Discover and Diners Club can now use FasTest for...

Sharp BancSystems using FasTest in switch system development, certification

Sharp BancSystems, a community banking software provider, has licensed FasTest from Paragon Application Systems for testing during development of its switching system and for financial message testing of its Discover and Pulse formats. "We use FasTest to develop our pre-certification...

Paragon Application Systems Celebrates 20 Years of Innovating ePayment Testing Solutions (Press Release)

(Holly Springs, NC—May 7, 2014) Twenty years ago, the founders of Paragon Application Systems decided that there had to be an easier way to configure and test ATMs than the manual approach that was used at the time. Armed with...

Switch upgrade gets assist from SmartVista, Paragon

When Erste Group Card Processor, the card processing arm of Erste Group, one of eastern Europe's largest financial services providers, migrated from its legacy switch to SmartVista by BPC, the company called on Paragon Application Systems to streamline the process....

ATM emulation speeds testing for software app developer

Software Group, a Bulgarian provider of end-to-end software solutions and services for FIs, is using two solutions from Paragon Application Systems that allow the company to configure and test ATM management products across a fleet of ATMs — without actually...

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