OptConnect specializes in providing wireless connectivity solutions for ATMs throughout North America. OptConnect furnishes fast, secure wireless connectivity for ATMs, boosting cost savings, reliability and simplicity for customers.

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ATMIA US 2014: Imagining future ATM efficiencies in the 'Innovation Lounge'

Jeff Matthews, CEO of Grant Victor (parent company of ATMEquipment.com and OptConnect, introduces some of the technologies that might play a future role in creating cost efficiencies and client loyalty for IADs. One possibility that might not be so very...

Chillin' in the ATM 'Innovation Lounge'

Grant Victor takes a look at ways to turn cool new techologies into cost-saving opportunities for the ATM industry. 

Grant Victor, AppCard intro ATM loyalty program

Retail service and solutions provider Grant Victor, parent company of ATMEquipment and OptConnect has announced a partnership with AppCard Inc., a provider of customer loyalty solutions, to provide the industry's first integrated ATM loyalty program for retailers, merchants and ATM...

2013 Utah Fast 50 Recognizes ATMequipment.com and OptConnect (Press Release)

2013 Utah Fast 50 Recognizes ATMequipment.com, and OptConnect Among the Fastest Growing Companies in Utah SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 31, 2013 – The Grant Victor family of companies (ATMequipment.com and OptConnect) was recognized again this year by Utah Business Magazine...

OptConnect intros Portal online wireless portfolio manager

Wireless ATM connectivity solutions provider OptConnect has rolled out OptConnect Portal, a new online wireless device portfolio management system. The cloud-based system allows users to monitor and remotely control OptConnect wireless gateway devices from any Internet-enabled device. "[W]e are really...

ATMequipment.com opens office to serve Northeast US

ATMequipment.com, a division of Kaysville, Utah-based Grant Victor, has established a Stamford, Conn., office to serve customers in the Northeast ATM market. The new location, which opened on April 15, will provide the same services as the company's Utah office....

OptConnect, ATMIA establish donation agreement

OptConnect has announced a new program whereby the company will make contributions to a fund set up by the ATM Industry Association. OptConnect will make a donation to the ATMIA U.S. Defense Fund with each OptConnect wireless unit ordered through...

OptConnect, National ATM Council announce affinity program

The National ATM Council Inc. (NAC), a trade association representing IADs in the United States, and OptConnect, a wireless communication provider, have entered into an Affinity Program agreement that will provide NAC with a royalty contribution for each OptConnect wireless...

OptConnect Wireless Modem Complete Connect Guide

The OptConnect OC-500 supports both Dial-up and High-Speed TCP/IP Communication. When running Dial-up communication, there is no need to alter any ATM programming. This modem runs high-speed transactions via TCP/IP communication. TCP/IP communication significantly cuts transaction speeds over dial-up transactions...

Three Reasons to Use ADA Compliance Efforts to Convert ATMs to Wireless Communication

Cutting the communication cord can free ATMs to not only meet requirements but also take advantage of prime traffic locations.

Commentary: 6 wireless myths that need debunking

ATM Marketplace is pleased to introduce our new blogger, Chris Baird of OptConnect, as he takes on the wireless skeptics.

ATMIA US 2012: 4G LTE with ATM as wireless hub

Switching from landlines to 4G wireless can save deployers about 50 percent on their connectivity costs. Wireless also can enable deployers to use the ATM to connect other devices to the web, says Chris Baird of OptConnect.

Grant Victor taps new CEO, announces capital investment partner

ATM services and solutions provider Grant Victor today announced it has appointed a new CEO, David D. Charles, according to a company press release. Charles has more than 30 years of management and executive level experience.

Convert to wireless as part of ADA compliance strategy

Recently, I discussed how converting an entire ATM portfolio to wireless is easier and more cost effective than you may think. As you put your ADA compliance strategy in place, may I suggest you consider using this opportunity to transition...

Five ROI Benefits of Wireless ATM Connectivity

Converting ATMs from landlines to wireless can reduce costs, save time and provide peace-of-mind for IADs.

Converting an entire ATM portfolio to wireless is easier, more cost effective than you may think

In past blog posts I’ve explained the benefits of converting to wireless, and how it’s become the new standard for ATM connectivity. IADs who are interested in saving money on their communication costs sometimes ask me: • What is the...

A visit to CTIA: machine-to-machine wireless communications growing

The fact is ATM wireless technology has evolved for the good at a high rate of speed over the past few years. It really is becoming the connectivity standard for the retail ATM industry.

Wireless is the standard in ATM connectivity

Many of the problems that prevented independent ATM deployers (IADs) from adopting wireless technology have now been fully addressed.

Why Choose OptConnect for Wireless?

ATM Deployers are rapidly realizing the benefits of switching their ATM portfolio from landlines to wireless. With OptConnect, you have a wireless solution provider you can trust.

Free Wireless Modems for ATMs from OptConnect

Have your ATM go wireless with OptConnect's special offer.

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