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CxBanking NCR Connections

Our multi-channel solution enabling banks to rapidly deploy personalized business services across physical and digital channels.

ATM network performance data goes mobile with NCR app

Pulse Banking provides network performance analytics for executives, plus detailed incident management data and system status alerts for network managers.

Video teller technology reaches Hawaiian shores

First Hawaiian Bank has become the first FI in the state to offer video teller technology, which it has introduced at its new Waiakea branch

Oregon CU uses technology to turn branches into resource centers

Rivermark Community Credit Union is linking physical and online banking to make its member experience faster, easier and more convenient.

NCR Interactive Teller now does double duty as ATM

Units at North Shore Bank have been certified for ATM transaction functionality; NCR is nearing certification with other providers, as well.

BMO initiative will upgrade deposit capabilities at 2,200 ATMs

The FI is working with NCR to offer single-slot deposit, dynamic image deskew, on-screen image display and high-quality image processing.

Not bound by tradition, Generations Bank embraces branch transformation

The 144-year-old bank has opened its first 'tellerless' branch featuring full-service virtual banking and on-site specialists who help customers with more complex financial needs.

German bank adds protection against ATM malware upload

Newly integrated software allows only authorized code to run on the ATM network, so ING-DiBa can prevent attacks, rather than simply responding to them.

Erste Bank, Croatia - Case Study of their Cash Management Network

Erste Bank reduced the amount of cash in the network while simultaneously reducing the number of emergency cash runs and out of cash incidents.

We hear you - Delivering an amazing customer experience

Today, bank customers are demanding much more than just good service.

NCR Services what we do while you're sleeping, and why it matters

Last night, while you were sleeping, 52,603 ATM transactions were made—every single minute. Meanwhile, our 13,500 global service engineers at NCR—supported by more than 900 field stocking locations—helped our customers sleep soundly, knowing their ATM networks were in good hands.

Do you want to cut your ATM network's downtime and delight your customers?

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) is one of New Zealand’s largest banks and has been operating continuously since its first office was opened in Auckland in 1861. Learn how NCR Predictive Services has reduced the downtime of BNZ’s ATM network by a third.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Don't let your aging ATM network cost you your customers.

Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Don't let your aging ATM network cost you more in the long term. For many, the decision to replace or upgrade ATMs is driven by one resounding factor. And that’s cost. But, alongside the initial investment of implementing new technology, shouldn’t you also take into account the cost of not upgrading?

NCR Services Working Around the Clock - Infographic

What we do while you’re sleeping and why it matters.

Increasing Revenue Generation - Drive maximum returns from your ATM investment

As customer needs change and evolve, keeping pace with technology has never been more critical. The latest ATMs bring opportunities to boost retention, win new customers and generate new income.

Breaking New Ground with NCR Enterprise Awareness

How self-service, cash management and transaction monitoring can help your IT teams see the big picture in performance

Smarter Service. Faster Repairs.

4 ways your ATM provider can-and should-keep your systems running better.

Mobile RDC catches on in Canada

Canadians have deposited more than 1 million checks via mobile phone since the Canadian Payments Association approved a rule last year allowing mobile remote deposit capture. The RDC data, compiled by NCR Corp., also indicates that mobile deposits have doubled...

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