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Former FBI executive assistant director to deliver keynote at ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit

Shawn Henry, now the president of tech security firm CrowdStrike, will discuss the grim realities of today's hacking environment; his team of security experts will follow up with a live demonstration.

2nd annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit to explore convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, mobile payments

At the Sept. 10-12 event in D.C., speakers from across the payments ecosystem will discuss the future of the industry.

EVO Payments, MagTek strike security deal

EVO Payments Intl., a payment service provider operating in the United States, Canada and Europe, has announced an agreement with e-payments security tech provider MagTek that will incorporate MagTek products and services into existing EVO payment security offerings. According to...

MagTek offers free queries to fraud prevention database

MagTek, a Seal Beach, California-based provider of secure payment technology, announced this week it will provide merchants with free access to its card authentication database, which stores the unique magnetic-stripe "fingerprints" of genuine payment cards. The company says the recent breaches of cardholder data at numerous U.S.

How MagTek's technology works

MagTek CEO Mimi Hart details the inner workings of her company's card authentication technology. Next to her on the panel is CrowdStrike's director of intelligence, Adam Meyers, who leans forward. "I'd love to play with it," he admits. (From a panel at the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.)

Panellists put a finger on the solution to card fraud

The way to stop ATM skimming and card fraud is to make it a crime that doesn't pay, a panel of security experts says.

How the mag stripe can actually prevent ATM fraud

Ironically, the same mag stripe that contains card data also holds the key to making that data useless to crooks.

How the mag stripe can actually prevent ATM fraud

At the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit in late September, Mimi Hart, CEO of MagTek Inc. (and a recent winner of the Most Influential Women in Payments award), took part in a panel discussion with Michael Caswell of the Secret...

Five reasons to keep an eye on contactless

Some in the ATM industry doubt its viability, but powerful factors are propelling it forward.

The Future of ATMs – Mobile, Security and Regulations – Oh My! [Infographic], in collaboration with the ATM Industry Association, has just released "The Future of ATMs Infographic". This Infographic provides insight into five-year trends, predictions, opportunities and challenges for the ATM industry.

NRF 2012: Is PCI fundamentally inadequate?

Representatives of one NRF exhibitor have launched an Occupy PCI movement, saying their holistic approach provides better data security.

Payment Alliance International to introduce cardless ATM withdrawals

Mobile Wallet eliminates the need to swipe cards at the ATM.

The Heart of's Credential Authentication Service

MagnePrint®: A Real Time Risk Management Tool by Magtek

MagneSafe™ Security Architecture

Everything MagTek does is built around our core MagneSafe Security Architecture (MSA) which consists of four key pillars: strong encryption, secure tokenization, authentication and dynamic data.

Combating Fraud In The Retailer Payment Environment

Over the last several years data breaches and compromises of large credit card processors and retailers have had devastating consequences to the retail payments industry. The hacking technology and the professional criminals that perpetrate the hacks are evolving faster than...

MagneSafe Better Protection for Cardholders and their Personal Data

The use of: Encryption, Counterfeit Detection, Tamper Recognition, Tokenization, Data Relevance & Integrity, Dynamic Transaction Authentication Vs.End to End Encryption

Qwick Codes Mobile Wallet

Qwick Codes Mobile here today! From MagTek’s Center of Security Innovation comes an exciting new tool for secure mobile payments.

PIN Entry & Management

Card issuers and merchants know they can put their trust in MagTek. Whether meeting the growing need for instant, in-branch card and PIN issuance or securely accepting PIN transactions at retail POS, MagTek solutions always deliver speed and efficiency with the most comprehensive security possible.

iDynamo a secure card reader authenticator

From the company that leads with “Security from the Inside” MagTek has done it again with the iDynamo,a secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) designed to work with Apple’s iOS products.

QwickPAY a complete payment solution

QwickPAY is a complete payment solution with a broad range of compatibility, allowing your browser-based, iOS and other mobile smart phone devices to evolve into a highly secure payment system.

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