Cash is vital to disaster recovery: How IADs can help

I grew up in the Deep South where hurricanes are always worrisome this time of year. Everything heats up and the deluge begins — unpredictable, but certain.

For some, frivolous ATM fee notice lawsuits are still a threat

On Dec. 20, 2012, President Obama signed HR 4367 into law, eliminating the federal requirement that ATM operators post surcharge fee notifications not only on the ATM screen, but also physically on the terminal. With the stroke of a pen,...

US IAD survey closing on Friday, Jan. 17

The fourth annual U.S. independent ATM deployers survey will close at end-of-day Friday, Jan.

ATMIA, Kahuna kick off 4th annual IAD survey

The fourth annual U.S. IAD online survey is currently underway, once again conducted jointly by the ATM Industry Association and Kahuna ATM Solutions.

2 compelling arguments for ATM topper advertising

Many of us have seen video toppers on ATMs come and go — several times. But today, given the reduced cost of operation and increased consumer expectations, the solution might merit reconsideration. In the past, the high price of hardware...

Mobile ATMs to the rescue

This has been one of the strangest and most devastating years for weather in the U.S. No matter where you live, you've been affected by extreme elements. Growing up on the Gulf Coast, this was the time of year when...

Kahuna ATM Solutions rebrands with a splashy new logo

Kahuna ATM Solutions has officially launched a new logo. A company press release said the new mark is designed to reflect the fun and energetic spirit the company brings to its affiliates, services and the ATM industry. The new logo...

Smash and grab: alive and well

Perhaps it's due to living close to a very large American city, but it seems to me that the news stories on ATM smash and grab are on the increase. These make for exciting news stories — especially if they...

Loyalty and added value

We may all feel that loyalty to business partners is a thing of the past; that the days of a handshake deal and taking others at their word are over. There is plenty of supporting evidence in the marketplace as we witness just how fickle the consumer can truly be.

'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'

Given the privilege of Internet access, many of us can attend to business matters from virtually anywhere in the world. The web has given us numerous ways to communicate, but perhaps more importantly, we can acquire timely and very important...

ATM niche-digging in 3 simple steps

Stop, look and listen. All children are taught this for their safety in order to help them stay aware of their surroundings and possible dangers.

Overcoming interchange

"Nobody would dare say they see interchange going away ... what matters is ensuring there is an equitable exchange between issuer and acquirer…" This was the assessment made by Bryan Bauer of Kahuna ATM Solutions in a recent webinar, "The...

Virtual Teller ATMs: In demand and increasingly so

When you put together the costs of real estate, human resources and sheer operational expenses of a branch, they might far exceed any justification to keep a location open. Today’s consumers have migrated to online banking, mobile banking or non-bank...

ATM screen branding: the power of impressions

There is one golden fact about ATM Screens. It's a fact that can turn advertising on its head.

To EMV, or not to EMV ...

I've had the pleasure of attending several conferences recently and have listened to many points of view about EMV and the VISA/MasterCard timelines for the U.S. market.

Diversify ... how and why

"We are working twice as hard and making half as much," was the most common statement at the recent ATMIA Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. This echoed across the entire spectrum of ATM distributors, vendors and service providers. Rightly so.

Study reveals major concerns of ATM independents

Despite many perceived challenges, IADs expect to see business growth in 2013, survey reveals.

ATM trade group asks for delay in MasterCard Maestro EMV liability shift

The National ATM Council Inc., a trade association that represents independent ATM providers and suppliers, has sent a letter to MasterCard petitioning the company to delay its pending April 19 liability shift fraudulent transactions carried out at U.S. ATMs using Maestro debit cards.

The underbanked: embracing the prepaid phenomenon

As the underbanked increasingly choose prepaids for their money management needs, new opportunities arise for the ATM industry.

Last call for IADs: Deployers survey will close Friday

IADs have until midnight this Friday to put their two cents in by participating in the third annual U.S. independent ATM deployers survey, cosponsored by the ATM Industry Association and Kahuna ATM Solutions. The five-minute online survey was designed to...

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