New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

The 2014 ATM Comparison Guide: Sorting apples from oranges

Oranges-to-oranges vendor specs help take the guesswork out of determining which models best meet a deployer's needs.

Columbus Data Services completes MasterCard EMV certification for Genmega, Hantle ATMs

Dallas-based Columbus Data Services, a provider of ATM processing and other services, has announced that its successful completion of MasterCard EMV certification for GenMega and Hantle ATMs. "While there is certainly more work needed to get all of the networks...

2013 ATM Comparison Guide: Where the buying decision begins

In a world of options, a concise guide to ATM features and attributes can help deployers make the right choice.

ATMIA honors ATM industry achievers

At the ATMIA US 2012 conference in San Antonio held Feb. 29–Mar.

An exhibition of 'power': ATMIA previews conference exhibitors

More than 70 booths will feature the latest product lineups and strategies from industry-leading vendors.

"Psst...wanna buy an ATM?"

Bill Dunn, vice president of marketing and sales for Hantle USA, thinks newcomers to the ATM industry need to know what's entailed in deploying a network, and tricks of the trade to increase profit.

Guru University to offer remote learning classes for ATM technicians

Guru University, an ATM training institute, yesterday announced that it is offering remote learning classes for ATM technicians who don't have time to travel and study at the school's facility in Bartlett, Tenn. The classes will enable technicians to become...

Employees Must Wash Hands Before Returning to Work: Compliance Versus Common Sense

Bill Dunn, vice president of marketing and sales for Hantle USA, thinks it's important for ATM operators to be active in their industry to ensure standards are reasonable.

A Day Without Off-premises ATMs

Imagine a world without off-premises ATMs. Not only would customers be inconvenienced, but they would spend less money and bank fees would rise. launches app for Android phones has launched a mobile app for Android smart phones that supports operators and field technicians responsible for deployment and maintenance of retail ATMs. The app is called ATMtech, and it can be downloaded at no charge from the Android Market, said Alicia Ridley, president of, which is based in Kaysville, Utah.

"Got Milk?" - Why the ATM industry needs to remember it’s valuable and share that information with others

The ATM industry needs to remember why its valuable and share that information with others.

Hantle's ATMs can be ready to dispense lottery tickets

Hantle USA Inc.'s ATMs can be upgraded to dispense quick pick lottery tickets, said Wes Dunn, vice president of sales for Genmega Inc., which manufactures ATMs for Hantle."About 50,000 Hantle ATMs, which operate on the Microsoft Windows CE operating platform,...

Triton bets on ATMs that sell lottery tickets

Triton Systems is betting ATMs will become a key sales distribution channel for quick pick lottery tickets.

Hantle endorses ATMGurus ATM training

Hantle USA Inc., a distributor of Hantle ATMs and components, has endorsed ATM technician training at ATMGurus. “We chose to partner with ATMGurus since their Guru University program is completely developed,” said Bill Dunn, vice president of sales and marketing...

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