Elan Financial Services, a U.S. Bank company, provides ATM processing and monitoring, vault cash services, cutting edge technology and telecommunications to organizations across the nation.

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LIVE WEBINAR: Attract and Retain Valuable Accounts with Mobile Card Services

Date:Thu, Mar 26, 2015, Time:02:00 PM EDT, Duration:1 hour | Mobile services can help your institution attract millennials’ accounts and keep accountholders who move out of footprint. This webinar will show you that it’s easier and more cost effective than you might realize to offer these services.

Monitise to offer mobile money services for MoneyPass network

Features include core mobile banking services such as balance checks and transfers, as well as more advanced services such as mobile check deposit and cardholder-managed security controls.

Dynamic Currency Conversion: An Untapped Source of ATM Income Potential

In this competitive industry, financial institutions are constantly looking for ways to acquire new customers, as well as retain and extend their existing customer base. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows you to increase your portfolio through a new revenue stream derived from foreign exchange conversions.

The ATM industry: Bound for ... where?

Industry experts fielded questions at PayThink 2014 in a session dedicated to sussing out the future of the ATM.

New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs

This report provides an in-depth guide for retailers, restaurateurs and other businesses that are considering installing ATMs on their premises.

In the US, it's a slow road to faster payments

Based on its Faster Payments study, the Fed seems to be driving toward an overhaul of the US payments system, but stakeholders prefer a more incremental approach.

Why Banks Should Move to Multivendor ATM Software

Consistency, simplicity and savings are all critical factors in choosing ATM software.

Summit to take a deep dive into the future of ATM and mobile technologies

The second annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in September will feature experts with exceptional depth of knowledge in areas of innovation, security, compliance and regulation.

How Banks Benefit from Using an ATM Managed Services Provider

ATM managed services provide you with total control and visibility into the cost, status and reliability of your ATM network.

Turning ATM pain points into profits

Just about every ATM operator has the same three wishes: uptime; traffic and cash to grow on. At ATMIA US 2014, Steve Gernes, VP and ISO segment manager at Elan Financial Services, explained how the company focuses on those three...

Financial Institutions See Savings from Surcharge-Free ATM Network Membership

Surcharge-free ATM networks save banks and credit unions the cost of rebates for their cardholders' foreign ATM transactions.

Spotlight on the ATM: regulations, innovations and prognostications

A Q&A panel discussion sheds light on the ATM industry issues that keep deployers up at night.

Major US networks certify Diebold Agilis for Windows 7

Diebold Inc. has announced that its Agilis 3 software platform is now certified on the Windows 7 operating system by several of the largest U.S.

Three Ideas for Revitalizing Your ISO ATM Business

Surcharge-free ATMs, prepaid cards and third party advertising can increase revenue for ATM deployers.

NCR APTRA program earns Elan certification

NCR Corp. recently announced that Elan Financial Services has certified NCR APTRA software on its network for multi-vendor environments, broadening its applicability across multi-vendor ATM fleets. The Elan network drives more than 33,000 ATMs for financial institutions across the U.S.

ATM industry members speak out against NAC-MasterCard EMV agreement

Risk mitigation plan is seriously flawed, fails to solve the underlying issue

ATMIA US 2013: MoneyPass promotes benefits of fee-free ATMs

MoneyPass president Doug Miraglia explains that when a cardholder discovers that an ATM is surcharge free, that person's use of the machine can increase fourfold. He also talks about current and future technologies that will further increase the appeal of fee-free ATMs.

ATMIA US 2013: Elan showcases products and services for IADs

Over the years, the customer mix at Elan Financial Services has shifted from almost no independent ATM deployers to 40 percent IADs. At ATMIA US 2013, Steve Gernes spoke about services the company has added to help third-party deployers lower their costs and serve their customers more effectively.

Encore C2C M2M wireless routers certified for ATM ISOs, IADs

Encore Networks, a provider of machine-to-machine solutions for fixed and wireless communications, has announced that it has received certification from Elan Financial Services for use of the Encore C2C M2M wireless router for IAD- and ISO-deployed ATMs. "Elan processes transactions...

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