New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

Tax every ATM transaction? That's your solution?

by Todd Nuttall, CEO Better ATM Services If you haven't seen the news by now, yet another small economy has fallen to the level of taxing money. Jamaica has announced that a tax will be imposed every time citizens access their own money.

It's time for my bank to reinvent how it helps me manage my money

It's all about data isn't it — big data, omnichannel data, and on it goes. But the truth of the matter is that there are some more pragmatic data solutions that would help us all. I just finished my 2013 taxes.

Better ATM expands reseller network to include Advanced Network Inc.

Better ATM Services, a solutions provider to the ATM and prepaid industries, has finalized a reseller agreement with Advanced Network Inc. As a member of the Better ATM Services reseller network, ANI will offer Better ATM's patented technology and ATM-issued...

The Wright brothers did It. Could we?

Imagine our lives today without the gift of flight. While many were involved in one of the greatest achievements in recorded history, we tend to view one particular morning on a beach in Kitty Hawk, N.C., when powered flight was...

Better ATM, Express Teller forge reseller agreement

Better ATM Services, a developer of value-added services for the ATM and prepaid industries, and Express Teller Services, a provider of EFT financial service products for financial institutions and retailers, have inked a reseller agreement that will allow third party...

From Russia with love

Leo Tolstoy had it right. A century after his death, I find myself marveling at the stark contrasts in a country still wrestling with the evolving payments industries. I just returned from a speaking engagement at the Fifth International PLUS Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service Banking and Retail 2013 in Moscow.

Are you surprised?

Did you see the story a few weeks ago about ATMs that dispense clean water? The story out of India detailed the installation of clean water dispensers attached to ATM-like machines where people desperate for clean water in a remote...

Payroll cards are getting a bad rap

The debate over the use of GPRs for payroll is more hype than reality. What are we really talking about here? When it comes down to it, it's an old song.

Is your ATM location worth $1M?

Coinstar (now called Outer Wall) recently purchased a creative kiosk/ATM fleet of about 400 locations for more than $350 million. Not your typical acquisition of a normal ATM fleet, there is much to be learned from this acquisition. A little background: Eco ATM is actually a certified waste recycler that uses ATM mechanisms as its channel.

There's a tremor in the force and it's emanating from Connecticut

Market forces often collide, some resulting in tremors that portend things to come. The recent passage by the Connecticut General Assembly of legislation in favor of adopting new requirements for many prepaid products could be a harbinger of things to come. Quietly set to take effect Oct.

The real lessons from Cyprus

One commentator says the ATM industry is well positioned to seize profit-making opportunities from turmoil.

Prepaid cards and ATMs: a perfect pairing (video)

From coupon deals with local merchants to open-loop prepaid ventures with the likes of Visa and MasterCard and a multi-merchant myGift card offering with Discover, ATM-dispensed giftcard provider Better ATM Services has come a long way in a relatively short...

Better ATM Services wins 2013 Paybefore Award

Better ATM Services recently announced that it has been honored as a 2013 Paybefore Awards winner. Now in its seventh year, Paybefore Awards recognizes excellence in the worldwide prepaid and emerging payments industry. The awards are presented annually by the payments industry publication Paybefore.

ATMIA US 2013: Better ATM says prepaids, ATMs a perfect pair

Todd Nuttall, CEO of Better ATM Services discusses results of a study indicating a strong correlation between ATM users and giftcard buyers. Nuttall says this makes ATM-dispensed prepaids and giftcards an excellent new revenue stream for ATM operators.

ATM industry newsmakers: The top 12 of 2012

ATM Marketplace looks back at some of the bigger stories for the ATM world in 2012 .

NASA FCU ATMs now dispensing Visa gift cards

NASA Federal Credit Union has announced the introduction of ATM-dispensed Visa gift cards at select branches in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The new service, unveiled just in time for the holiday shopping season, allows credit union members...

myGift presents an ATM-dispensed prepaid with a multi-brand approach

New prepaid gift card from Better ATM Services leverages brand power and buyer convenience.

Better ATM Services announces wide launch of prepaid Visa offering

Unique ATM-dispensed Visa prepaid emerges from pilot program into full-fledged rollout.

ATM innovation: Taking it to the streets

Whether you're developing a product or introducing one, the seven steps from desktop to blacktop are pretty much the same.

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