ATM Future Trends 2015

In the 2015 ATM Future Trends report we surveyed over 300 ATM and banking industry executives on a wide array of topics, from industry trends to threats and opportunities that loom on the horizon. In addition, we have consumer input from the U.S. and India on current and future ATM and banking trends.

ATM Industry Association 
launches new business plan, brand look

A more modern look was 'past due' for the organization, which produces multiple conferences, best practices documents, online training, and more.

AMIS highlights: 'This year's conference was also terrific'

A video journal of highlights and attendee comments from the second annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

Call for entries: Cash Always Works video

Tell the ATM Industry Association your true story about a time when cash came to the rescue.

Has cash ever saved the day for you? Tell your story

The ATM Industry Association is collecting real-life stories to use in the production of its upcoming 'Cash Always Works' video. Share yours by Dec. 15.

New guide caters to restaurateurs, retailers looking to boost income with ATMs

'How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs' delivers 40 pages packed with essential information about the business of owning, operating and earning revenue from ATMs.

2014 ATM Software Trends and Analysis

ATMs and other self-service devices are changing the face of banking. In the seventh edition of the annual survey, learn what the industry thinks about current trends and future expectations of ATM software.

Webinar: How the ATM Industry Can Master Change and Manage External Influences

Today’s ATM is subject to many changes that are driven by external factors rather than business decisions. Banks and ATM network operators need to ensure that these changes are correctly implemented and that they guarantee a positive customer experience.

The 2014 ATM Comparison Guide: Sorting apples from oranges

Oranges-to-oranges vendor specs help take the guesswork out of determining which models best meet a deployer's needs.

Financial Institutions See Savings from Surcharge-Free ATM Network Membership

Surcharge-free ATM networks save banks and credit unions the cost of rebates for their cardholders' foreign ATM transactions.

Bank Fraud Protection: Staying One Step Ahead of the Fraudsters

As fraud becomes a more complex and widespread problem, banks must find more proactive means to defeat criminals and protect customers.

ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013: The ATM-mobile connection

ATM Marketplace Editor Suzanne Cluckey recaps her ATM and Mobile Executive Summit presentation on mobile convergence.

ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013: The ATM-mobile connection

On day one of the first annual ATM & Mobile Executive Summit in Washington, D.C., ATM Marketplace Editor Suzanne Cluckey gave a morning presentation on the histories of telephony and the ATM, leading up to the convergence of the two...

ATM & Mobile Executive Summit 2013: In review

Event co-organizer Kurt Helwig, CEO of EFTA, shares highlights from the 2013 conference and plans for the 2014 event.

ATM+Mobile Executive Summit 2013 in review

A successful first annual ATM and Mobile Executive Summit wrapped on Sept. 26, as attendees headed home with innumerable takeaways from a full slate of distinguished keynote speakers and panelists. Following the summit's closing remarks, Kurt Hellwig, president and CEO...

Expert panel to examine district court ruling on Durbin amendment

Organizers of this month's ATM & Mobile Executive Summit, have announced the addition of a special session in which experts will discuss the implications of a controversial recent ruling about the Durbin Amendment debit transaction fee cap, and what this...

How Outsourcing Can Help Retail ATM Operators Prepare for the EMV Transition

Going it alone is not the best means to navigate the complexities and avoid liability.

Three Ideas for Revitalizing Your ISO ATM Business

Surcharge-free ATMs, prepaid cards and third party advertising can increase revenue for ATM deployers.

ATM Insurance: The Benefits of Tailored Coverage

The unique risks faced by ATM deployers necessitate coverage tailored to their specific needs.

Managing Multiple Transitions in the ATM Fleet

ATM deployers facing a wave of security and operating system upgrades should turn to trusted partners for guidance.

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