ATMIA is an international nonprofit trade association founded 1997 for the ATM industry, with over 1,300 members in 50 countries, with chapters in Africa, Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America. As an independent, non-profit trade association, our mission is: to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; to protect the ATM industry's assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.
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ATMIA to discuss transaction routing concerns with Fed board

The ATM Industry Association announced today that a member task force will meet July 22 with the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington. ATMIA requested the meeting to address growing concerns over the routing of ATM debit transactions. Implementation...

ATMIA announces keynote speaker for 2015 US conference

The event will feature Lior Arussy, an authority on "customer-centric transformation," who will outline a revolutionary approach to help the ATM industry focus clearly on a new customer-centric world.

Registration now open for ATM Security 2014

The ATM Industry Association has announced that ATM Security 2014 registration is now open with special rates available for early bird reservations. The conference is scheduled for Oct.

ATMIA, Tremont publish new overview of US ATM industry

The ATM Industry Association and Tremont Capital Group have jointly released the "U.S. ATM Industry Overview," an updated version of the ATM deployer white paper first published in 2010. The comprehensive report begins with a historical review of the ATM industry over nearly five decades.

Cash: Reassuringly popular!

Cash is the "good news" payment method. Why? Well, at a simple level, because none of us ever complain that we have too much of it. On the other hand, I often hear people exclaim,"Not another one! I have a...

How do Brits love their in-store ATMs? New study counts the ways

Merchants love them, too: A good deal of the cash from their in-store ATM comes right back to them.

ATMIA expands legislative monitoring

The ATM Industry Association has expanded its regulatory and compliance monitoring service to include new legislative monitoring for 11 states. The new service, iStateLink, reports on ATM industry-related topics, including: ADA; availability of funds; government assistance; interchanges; licensing; overdrafts; signage;...

ATMIA Europe's new director: A strong voice for cash

Consistent regulations and ready cash access are priorities for ATMIA Europe's new executive director, Ron Delnevo.

ATMIA, EFTA release second research paper on Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATMs

The ATM Industry Association, in association with the Electronic Funds Transfer Association, has announced the release of its second commissioned research report on the crypto-currency Bitcoin. The in-depth report, “Bitcoin: Virtual Currency with Real Opportunities,” was prepared by Value Partners...

ATMIA, EFTA release second study on Bitcoin, Bitcoin ATMs

The ATM Industry Association and the Electronic Funds Transfer Association, have jointly announced the release of a second commissioned research report on the crypto-currency, Bitcoin. The in-depth report, "Bitcoin: Virtual Currency with Real Opportunities," was prepared by Value Partners Management...

Agenda: ATM and Mobile Innovation Summit 2014

Kurt Helwig, CEO of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association, and Tom Harper, president and CEO of Networld Media Group talk about points of focus — innovation, regulation and security — for this year's ATM and Mobile Innovation Summit. The two-day...

ATMIA announces 10th annual Africa conference

The ATM Industry Association has announced the dates of its 10th annual conference for Africa, India and the Middle East. The conference, whose theme is "Emerging and Expanding ATM Markets," will take place Oct.

2nd annual ATM & Mobile Innovation Summit to explore convergence of Bitcoin, ATMs, mobile payments

At the Sept. 10-12 event in D.C., speakers from across the payments ecosystem will discuss the future of the industry.

ATM benchmarking: The business of growing a business

At the ATMIA US 2014 conference and expo in Orlando, Fla., the ATM Industry Association and Value Partners unveiled the second edition of the organizations' Benchmarking Study and Industry Report. Francesco Burelli, a principal at Value Partners and lead author...

ATM benchmarking: Because what you don't know can't help you

A collaborative study by ATMIA and Value Partners provides ATM operators worldwide a (free) yardstick for performance.

US IADs remain optimistic despite challenges

It always pleasantly surprises me how optimistic U.S.-based independent ATM deployers are and how committed they are to the industry. This positive attitude was again brought home to me during the ATMIA U.S.

Cash for me -- and I won't be quiet about it!

I have a confession to make: I love cash! Further confession: I don't really care how it is delivered, just that it is! Now I have to say that I usually swim against the tide. Being part of a mass movement doesn't often appeal to me.

US ATM industry faces another year of legislative challenges

In late 2012, the ATM Industry Association achieved one of our most significant legislative successes — the elimination of the federal dual fee signage requirements that were part of Reg E. ATMIA was a key element of an industry coalition...

New report gauges industry impact of Bitcoin ATMs

The ATM Industry Association has released a commissioned report on the digital currency Bitcoin and its possible implications for the ATM industry. "An Introduction to Bitcoin ATMs" was researched and written by Tremont Capital Group, a U.S.

The US IAD business gets a pulse check

Fourth annual report examines challenges, concerns, opportunities and outlook for US independents in the ATM business.

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