The ATM Industry Association, founded in 1997, is a global non-profit trade association with just under 5,000 members in 65 countries. The membership base covers the full range of this worldwide industry comprising over 2.2 million installed ATMs.
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ATMIA encourages legislators to rein in Operation Choke Point

In meetings on Capitol Hill, industry representatives spoke about the misuse of the anti-money laundering law, and the onerous burden that would accompany other proposed regulations.

Conference preview: ATMIA US 2016

For its upcoming conference in The Big Easy, the ATM Industry Association has assembled a hard-hitting lineup of timely, on-topic workshops, breakouts and keynotes.

New industry group to address FIs' unique ATM concerns

The forum was formed by ATMIA to provide a platform for the discussion of ATM challenges and solutions specific to banks and credit unions.

Take the survey: ATM industry readiness for EMV

The 10-minute multiple-choice survey is open to all ATM operators — including both FIs and IADs — regardless of size.

2016 in the ATM industry: For Europe, a year of heavy lifting

The ATM industry has some big items on its 2016 to-do list, but ATMIA Europe Executive Director Ron Delnevo says his organization is fit for the job.

ATMIA Academy launches online ATM security training

The course outlines the most common threats to ATM security and best practices to mitigate the risk of each type of attack

Is it time for French FIs to say 'Oui!' to independent ATMs?

Exclusion from the national ATM network has effectively barred IADs from the French market and prevented consumers — and FIs — from reaping the benefits of broader access.

ATM industry group calls out media, pols for 'misleading' statements about fees

The ATM Industry Association says that political interests have branded the fees "exploitative" and "usurious," while making little or no effort to determine the facts.

Hillary Clinton condemns 'usurious' ATM fees

However, her offhand comments last week fall well short of legislative efforts by her Democratic rival Bernie Sanders to impose government limits on 'ripoff' fees.

ATMIA Africa publishes retail payment trends study

The document serves as a starting point for understanding South Africa's rapidly growing retail payments market, the ATM industry trade group says.

False claims of undispensed cash costing ATM owners millions

US ATM operators are forking over $20–$25M annually in fraudulent claims — and the perpetrators are getting away scot-free, the ATMIA says.

UK business rates: An unfair tax on ATMs and cash

ATMs are the latest victim in the rush to levy more taxes in the UK; the result could be machines removed and communities deprived of convenient access to cash.

Will mobile payments kill cash?

A new research paper asks — and answers — the question.

Cardless ATM access at the tipping point

Three-and-a-half years after its introduction, it looks as though mobile cash access at ATMs might finally be 'off and running.'

ATMs, electronic benefits ... and the long arm of the law

State legislatures are imposing increasingly restrictive rules on welfare recipients — and are expecting ATM operators to police them.

Payments expert to inform, advise ATMIA on African markets

Andrew Dean, managing director of research consultancy Calleo and co-founder of Payments Afrika, will provide intelligence about payments and ATMs.

ATMIA sharpens focus on India

The ATM Industry Association has tasked regional executive director Patrick Cunningham with increasing the organization's visibility in the Indian market.

ATMIA accepting speaker proposals for 2016 conference

The ATM Industry Association has selected the theme, "Connecting consumers and their money to the ATM," for the Feb. 23–25 event in New Orleans.

European ATMS 2015: A great conference pointing to a better future

ATMIA Europe Executive Director Ron Delnevo recaps the annual ATM industry event held last week in London.

Skip to Windows 10 for next ATM OS migration, ATMIA recommends

ATM deployers should be working now on a plan to ensure the smooth transition of their fleet to the next OS when Windows 7 support ends in 2020, the association says.

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